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Official Unofficial T-ransformation 2017 Announcement


Ill do it. Why not? What do I have to lose?


You guys are doing it wrong. Wtf are you eating broccoli and chicken breasts for now? We got 3 weeks until before pics. I’m drinking a mug root beer, just finished off a large peppermint shake and some waffle fries from chic fil a. I need to put on about 20 lbs between now and January 1st.


The plan is to eat sushi and ice cream on 12/31, I’ll balloon up like trigglypuff then enter into keto and be a miserable flat angry asshole for 6 months.

Just reading about your lunch made my arms less vascular.


Yeah I bet it sucked ass while you were going it through.

Mate I totally replied to that email. I’ll send another over, but I’m well and truly gutted to say that I fly out to Brussels on the 4th! The mrs and I don’t do xmas; we do a mini-break in Jan instead.

Utterly devastated I missed you but hit me up through email and I’ll recommend you some cool stuff to do and see.

EDIT: email sent. Check your spam if you can’t see it (although I have no idea why it’d go in there)


fucking tights! It has to be


Haha, why fuck me? I’ll be right there with you in a few weeks!


I shall do my best to provide some for you then!



Damn! I think I am doing this wrong. I ate a double meat cheeseburger and then when I home (an hour later) I ate pizza and brownies. I think somebody has some esplain’in to do.


I was just browsing the “imaginary protégée” thread and I’d figure I’d throw in my young padawan’s (my friend that I got into lifting and he listened to what I taught him better than I took my own advice and ended up with a better physique than me :expressionless:) transformation for a little motivation for everyone. This was a four month process that we started him on after about a year and a half of him being in the weight room. He started on a poor mans V-diet(pretty much the velocity diet but without the biotest supps) moved to a keto diet and slowly increased carbs for a couple months, then hit John Berardi’s get shredded diet, and finished up with CTs 6 days to shredded to maximize the after photo. Not sure of the weight (from around 200-210 to about 170) but he went from ~20% bf to ~10%bf


Looks like he got a tan too. I wonder how many of y’all gon be suntanning for this comp haha.


@Benanything yeah this was this spring and he was working for a moving company so he got plenty of time outside lol. Just to make sure we’re clear that no training partner of mine is going to be hitting the tanning bed :joy:


i had confirmed but you dont want foreigners i suppose…


You look like Jason Statham.


Don’t want foreigners? What? I think he just missed your name because you have been pretty quiet on here. There are people from all over the world in this thing.


I’m a foreigner so…


So is Yogi…


I feel really bad because I blasted Max13 in another thread. But, I really did think he was telling me to fuck off and I come out swinging. It was a total misunderstanding and I offered my apologies, but I haven’t seen him since. :weary: I am not trying to make excuses for my behavior, I was wrong, but where I come from, them is fighting words.


I just had mcgriddles for breakfast. Then my coworker brought me more mcgriddles.

Bought 5 family sized bags of 4th of July m&ms (3 lbs each I think) because they were 90% off.

Y’all aren’t ready for me.


Peri-workout nutrition on point.

I just picked up a box of Oreo flavoured Poo-Tarts (new). 2 down, 6 to go.