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Official Unofficial T-ransformation 2017 Announcement


Hmmm, if only there was some online kind of contest you could do in preparation for a real show…

Seriously this is tailor made for you exact situation. Always wanted to do a show, are in great condition but maybe need a little something to push you over the edge. And the price is right (contests can eaaassily cost $500+ without any travel expenses)


That’s essentially what I have in mind. I’m competing in strongman in March, and I can push my bodyweight all the way up to around 215 if I want to. So I’ll be pushing in that direction until then, after which I could do a real, dedicated cut for the last couple months of our contest.


Sweet. Sounds like we are going to have a few people really going for it. Considering its the first year we are doing it, if we can end up with 5 or so real serious transformations it could set the stage really nicely for a second one.


dude I’m really sorry to hear that. Hope you’re doing alright


fair enough mate. I’m still a bit worried about @ChickenLittle falling in love with me when I post pics

EDIT: or should I say deeper in love with me…


who’ve we got confirmed then? Is it:

-Littlesleeper (one to watch, I reckon. Dude’s got some crazy overhead strength)

Any others? @max13 what say you? @Chris_Colucci you’ve been suspiciously silent for a man who’s taken up pretty much every other gauntlet ever thrown on here…


I am so fucking sick of eating like shit to try and get my calories in. I’m actually looking forward to dieting


Oh no worries YogiBob. I have been in a long term relationship with my imaginary boyfriend for years now. A girl just likes a lil eye candy once in a while :wink:


I’m good man. Things were finalized a week ago. It’s quite the burden lifted.

Also, I emailed you awhile back, guessing you never saw it. But I’ll be in Edinburgh January 4-6. And Ireland before that. my email address is charlie tipton at gmail dot com.



Ya, fuck it, why not…

I took a special before pic just for you @Yogi1 :badpokerface:


I’ve had broccoli two meals in a row now, you bitches might as well quit before you even start…


Oh yeah? My salad game is on point. Fuckin fight me


“Salad Game”


Says the guy bragging about broccoli. You’re putting little green dicks in your mouth. Who’s the homosexual here?


@lord_humongous and @usmccds423 - you guys actually fighting over 2nd place?

#1 here, checking in.


You better be careful or you’re gonna end up like Nancy Kerrigan


No way, bruh, I had enough of the green weenie when I was in the Corps…


Fuck Flip and Bob, I’m sitting here eating a bowl of brussel sprouts and chicken. I’m actually gaining weight smelling my co-worker’s smoothie.


This comment probably belongs in the flame-free confession thread but: I had to Google Nancy Kerrigan