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Official Unofficial T-ransformation 2017 Announcement


Has anyone followed The Renaissance Diet? Thoughts?

I am going to start here:

Where do people get the majority of their fat intake from? I’m planning on eating a good bit of avocado and I use coconut and olive oil. Not a huge fat of nuts except sunflower seeds and almonds. Any other good sources (…I don’t love eggs…)?


What kind of meat do you eat? Certainly nothing wrong with getting some fat from a nice fatty cut of meat like a brisket, pork shoulder, etc…a couple other ideas:

  • use a tablespoon or two of heavy cream in coffee
  • make smoothies with coconut milk
  • butter on vegetables…


I was thinking about following the predator diet, personally


I’m trying to eat mostly white fish (especially Cod), but also Salmon. I basically eat fish for breakfast and lunch now at least 5 days a week.

I might try the coconut milk and cream idea, though. And I do have a quarter of a grass fed cow in my freezer right now, lol…


I assume that guy is dead now…


I always have a tablespoon or so of heavy cream in my morning coffee.

I always make my morning smoothie (spinach, blueberries, protein, creatine) with coconut milk.

And speaking of a grass-fed cow…my wife and I just bought a large grass-fed beef order from a local farmer (12 pounds ground beef, 10 assorted roasts, 10 assorted steaks). Very pleased so far, should provide all we need to get through the winter. Or, through December, depending on how hard I train…


Holy fuck, lol


Ha, just to clarify, you can buy a bunch of different kinds of “coconut milk” beverages. If you buy the pure thick stuff, those are the nutrition facts, but that’s so think you barely drink it - more often that is used in cooking. If you look around the grocery store you should be able to find coconut milk “beverages” that have more water for a thinner consistency that more resembles actual milk. Look up the “So Delicious” brand - hope this link stays up…



Ya, these are some great ideas.

Dude, we’re on our third side of beef… I can’t go back. It’s pricy on the front end, but it’s sooo much better than the shit in the store.

Lol, ya, we’ve moved to Almond milk for the most part, but I’ve picked up some coconut milk a few times. It’s not bad at all.


About how much do you get when you buy a “quarter cow” ?

We bought from a farmer that we met at a local farmer’s market…we had bought his meat on Saturday mornings a couple times, and eventually grabbed one of his brochures. I’m a believer in “buying local” and supporting the little guy, so it made me really happy to buy meat direct from the farmer. We live in a small apartment with a smallish freezer, so we know that the “economy” size bulk order that he offered (like I said, 12 pounds ground beef, 10 roasts, 10 steaks) was the biggest thing we could get. It was $285 for what probably amounted to about 40 total pounds of meat (the roasts were 2-3 pounds each). One day, when we buy a house, we’ll have a second freezer that we can dedicate to storing 100+ pounds of meat, and a quarter-cow might become a regular purchase…


This is really the way to go. My parents and I split a cow every year. It costs more up front, but significantly better meat and less money than a store.


I’ll be following something very similar to Berardi’s Get Shredded diet towards the end, basically a keto diet with refeeds (I modify it slightly) which I’ve always done well on

I don’t have any half cows or anything, but I’ll make due


About this much:


@dt79 you think you can stay off the big macs long enough to get into this?



Can I use the one on the left as my before photo haha?

this was me when I was 17 so…

Dang, I’m one weird looking ugly mofo at times.


I saw that haha. I am what I am.


Lol I don’t think I can take part because I’m currently still ambivalent about posting my personal stuff online for various reasons but thanks for the invite.

In defense of Big Macs, I did post a pic over 3 years ago before I started posting in the steroid forum when I was untrained @135lbs and sporting a 6 pack and overall definition while on a daily diet of Big Macs and Pringles Potatoe Crisps to illustrate a point about genetics and total caloric intake vs macros. FWIW, some guys involved in a heated debate in that thread with very strong feelings about this subject only disputed my post with the n=1 argument, which is totally valid, but goes to show that one should still base his actions on his own results.

*Note to those with terrible reading comprehension: No, Big Macs and Pringles are not healthy but they do not make everyone fat. And dt79 did not just tell everyone to go eat Big Macs everyday.


I eat a ton of junk food, and can actually continually get leaner while doing so. I drink several regular sodas almost every day, eat cookies, chips, ice cream, candy bars, etc. I’ve never recommended to anyone that they should eat like me.


Lol I’ve recently added half a large jar of Nutella Chocolate Spread to my diet everyday. My wife hates me.

Btw, you’re looking really good, dude. Weren’t you prepping for an actual bodybuilding comp some time ago? How did it go?


No, I’ve never actually done a contest prep. But I have gotten continually bigger and leaner lol. It’s just something I’ve considered, and might go ahead and do it in 2017. I spent most of this year going through a divorce, and that’s detracted from my ability/time to dedicate to lifting and eating. Next year I should be able to do much better.