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Official Unofficial T-ransformation 2017 Announcement


@Yogi1, if you don’t post something soon I stand by my original statement.


you can suck my original balls! You’ll get the picture when I’m good and ready, you pigs!

Intervention, The T Nation Edition

@Yogi1 before pic


got to hand it to the guy - he’s pretty lean there!


You wish kilt boy! If I did that, you would fall in love, and I would never get rid of you!


haha, well that comment was actually aimed at Brady, but we both know if you and I are ever in the same part of the world a little ball sucking would be the very least of the gettin’ down we’d be doing.


I don’t know about the rest of you but I’ve been working hard on my fat, before picture. I’m proud of the level of dirty bulk I’ve been able to achieve with consistently over-eating since I found out about this competition.


Sorry! You left yourself wide open for that one… :laughing:
And yeah, that’s what they all say until they see me. I am so ugly I have to tie a pork chop around my neck, just to get the dog to play with me. :smirk:
Really, really.


don’t worry about it; for such a good looking guy I have surprisingly low standards


You planning on proving it at some point? :wink:


Quantity is a quality all its own… I guess.


Happy New Year everybody. Just created the training log for the challenge.

I tagged it with t-ransformation2017 so maybe y’all can do the same, it’d make everything a heck of a lot neater.


Oh I am in…will post before photo on the 4th though (traveling).

It seems if we all take the after photo as serious as the we did the before photo we are going to have a many person tie in June.


I will be starting my log on the 2nd as tomorrow I will be in bed recovering all day. I will be removing adult beverages from my diet for a few months so tonight I intend on making that easier by waking up tomorrow saying “I’m never drinking again!”.

Wishing a happy and safe new year to everyone!


That’s how I was on 12/26. On Christmas, my 2 brothers-in-law and I had several shots then topped it off with having a screwdriver in ours hands from 7am-midnight.

I flew back yesterday and have started diet and program today. If I drink tonight, I’ll nurse a few fingers of scotch all night.


I want to do this, but I don’t see myself keeping much of a log tbh. Too much shit going on in a week with school, work and such. Maybe just a pic/update log.


Ya man, even just providing weekly updates would be cool to see and keep track of!


New thread goes live tomorrow everyone… finish up those Christmas cookies and eggnog and stock up on broccoli, T-ransformation 2017 is almost here