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Official Unofficial T-ransformation 2017 Announcement


you look really good there dude


Yeah I know what you mean, not like my first pic though as I blowing my self with air! normal front relaxed would work a charm.


Thanks, favorable lighting!


Dude, sameee. I always had friends that ate like 500 a day and if I eat in the 200’s I get bloated as shit.


Friends, family, and coworkers are all conspiring to make me as soft as possible for my Before Photos on Jan 1. I honestly havent eaten this terribly this consistently for like 4 years. Its delicious, but I will pay the price in the coming months…


This has been my plan since the beginning. After I fucked my wrist up, I just ate. Then ate. And ate moar. I’m plump as ever now and ready to spread my wings in the coming months.


I’m right there with ya gents.


Only three more days till YogiBob pics. This is better than waiting for Christmas :joy::laughing::joy:


haha, you’ll need to wait a little longer! Not cutting until the end of February so there’s not much point in taking a photo until then.

Don’t worry, you’ll get some fat YogiBob pics soon, then hopefully some shredded ones to erase the gross ones from your memory

Yogi's Random Training Thoughts
Intervention, The T Nation Edition

You think you can do what needs to be done in 3 months?


It’ll be a bit rough but I think it’s possible.

Remember that I’ll be using super supps.


Wait a minute! What? I see how you are. Trying to trick the rest of us smucks into posting pics so you can sit back and laugh. I’m not falling for that bullshit!

Guess I will just have to cry myself to sleep again…:sob:


c’mon baby, you know I’d never do anything to hurt you girl


Yeah, yeah, I know. I have heard it all before. :sob:


We’re posting before pic’s at the beginning?


It wont be mandatory, but I think it would help it mean something to people. Its easy to type “I’m in!” to a text box, but I think peoples commitment might be a little higher if they actually had to bust out the camera and “put it out there” in the form of pictures.


Ya, that’s true I guess… :grumpycat:


So photos needed are relaxed front, relaxed back. Anything else?


Called it… :smirk:


Shaddap! I said I’d post some the end of February.

I was actually going to keep the before and after until right at the end but I’ll post the first one to stop you bitching.