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Official T-ransformation 2017 Thread


We can’t see no veinage thru all that hair! Sorry man, I just had to say it.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Eh, that’s not true… It’s more like a foot vein though. :speak_no_evil:


Here’s my four week check in. Doesn’t seem different to four weeks ago, although I think I’m maybe a pound lighter. Tried to get more shots but failed miserably.

Edit: wow, I could not have made that more unflattering if I tried. Jeez.


Definitely starting to see some definition.


That counts as a diet drink still


Well, I was going to say I didn’t have much change physique-wise and only down 3.2lbs over the 4 weeks but now looking at the before/current pictures side-by-side I do see some progress, so that is encouraging.


Definitely can see the progress, dude!

I’m still down about 3lbs (214 - haven’t taken any new pics).


Take stills from video. Pic quality won’t be as good but we will worry about that late may.


[quote=“Lonnie123, post:155, topic:224854”]
4 week check in starts tomorrow[/quote]
Coincidentally, Wednesday’s the usual Feb Photo/Video Check-In. I’m planning to update there.

And, yeah, 4 weeks went a little too fast. 17 weeks to go.


Tried that. I managed to mess up the focus and angle. Next time.


Down 7, time to really buckle down


I definitely see some tightening up happening there, good work


6 pack incoming!


This is my 2 week check in: Down 6 as of this morning, and trying to figure out some way of staying away from the wings and beer on Superbowl Sunday…


Thanks man. Reading through eye dentists “how do you train” thread gave me a lot of good info I’ve been putting into practice lately. i.e. I’ve been seeing how I can still get lean with just grotesque amounts of peanut butter, meat of all varieties, fruits and plazma. Also going through of few weeks of bodybuilder style, pre fatigue with isos before compounds, etc and liking it


Checking in. Nothing to see here, but some extra fluff. Fully dressed holding at a steady 127lb :grin:
It took me weeks to get the courage to post the before photos. Not sure I can do it once a month :confounded:


Apparently I had a brain fart yesterday and forgot that progress pics aren’t either/or, they can go up in more than one thread. So, I split the difference and took pics this morning.

Jan 5 on the left, 214. Today on the right, 213:

Still plenty to work with, but the waist is at least starting to come in.


Haven’t had much opportunity to take decent pics in decent light so I went to my old standby today, Planet Fitness, lol.

Average weight for last week was 181 and 12.5% BF per scale, which I believe is lower than it actually is, suspect I’m closer to 14%, which is discouraging because it means I have less LBM and I’m already lacking LBM at 12.5%.

I’m eleven weeks in, started early, and am down eleven pounds, so about a pound per week.

Here’s the before.

And here’s today.

Clearly, hams suck, biceps suck, abs still hiding.

I’m in my second week of keto so I am hoping I’m pretty flat. We’ll see.


Switching to full body training made me a little bit drier. Thats a great side effect. Still zero cardio.


Do you purposely remove the hair between your abs? either that or the camera is a tad bit misleading.