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Official T-ransformation 2017 Thread


That is true. I’ve really upped my fat intake and I gotta say, I do feel better overall. That could be in my head, though…


all the bodyweight loss in this group seems to be heading in my direction. I’m up 10 lbs in the last 2 weeks. I’ve actually weighed myself as low as 182 (starting point 2 weeks ago) and as high as 198 (after dinner) over the course of the last 2 weeks. Waking up around 192-194 right now. Really wish I had taken my before pictures at my lowest point, but at least getting it done today.


Down 2-3, right on target for where I wanted to be. No cardio so far, so when I add that in it should provide a nice boost with no additional food restriction.


Still hovering between 200.8 and 201.8 lbs. Been that way for a week or so. Abs look like they’re coming in more so I’m just monitoring scale weight ATM. If nothing changes by end of the week I might start dropping calories slightly (sitting on 2500/day currently).


Down from 223 on 12-31 to 215 yesterday. Hit 365 on the squat yesterday which was a 20lb pr for me. Haven’t back squatted in months (been running zerchers). Lost a week of lifting with Norovirus. But that shaved off 3 lbs that didn’t come back with water. So… norovirus for the win. Only 30 lbs to go.


Down 7 and got a nice little care package in the mail. Life’s pretty good


I am maintaining my weight with homemade clean foods and will start my full prep on april.


Um, HI fellas. Can I play, too?

Nearly 300 pounds October 2015. Hovering at 225.

All cyclical keto. Dealt with divorce, a cross country move, and job changes throughout. Pics are only about a week old. It’ll be cool to have some accountabilibuddies.

I’m working with a pretty lax diet right now.


That’s some damn fine work to get to 225 that fast. Welcome!


I feel like it was a long slow process. I had to change my relationship with food and feel like I have.

Front Squat: 295
Reverse Grip Bench: 275x3
Deads: 465x3
Slight incline dumbbell press: 110x3 100x6

I played strongman and powerlifting before I decided to not be disgusting. :slight_smile: still feel stongish.


Unfortunately I feel like your arms and back will make mine look small by comparison, so I cant let you join :wink:


Hahahahaha! Don’t worry, I’m drinking beer and eating sammiches. You’ll be leaner I’m sure :slight_smile:


Very interesting…


Completely solved all of my shoulder problems a d is still a legal lift at a meet. I’ve worked that up to 365 if my memory serves me correctly.

I started messing with dumbbell presses because that was the first time my chest ever got sore from a pressing movement that didn’t kill my shoulders, also. So no more regular bench.


4 week check in starts tomorrow… damn that was fast

Pics and updated stats are welcomed from everyone who wants to post up.




I’ll kick off the 1 month results report:

Down 4 pounds (189 ~> 185) and 1 inch around the waist today (oddly I was down 2 inches a week ago, so something weird is happening there, food baby or something maybe.)

I think the pics show those results… very minimally more lean (mid section and quads particularly are every so slightly more lean).

Plan is to continue with the no cardio fat loss for 2 more weeks and reevaluate the need for cardio.


For real, that 4 weeks FLEW by. I wonder if anyone thinking they didnt need the full 5 months is reconsidering.


I completely agree…uhm…how about 4 more week until the 1 month check in?

I suppose I should take some pics to keep on track…but I may have destroyed the better part of a pizza today for lunch, washed down with several whiskey/diet sprite.

Still got my lifting in though!


I’m down 11.5lbs since Jan 1 and was half a lb down today despite having a bit of a cheat. Also, down an inch and half on my waist.

I posted photos in my log a couple of days ago.

I ate pretty well all day, but decided to say screw it and eat my favorite meal tonight: grocery store Chinese and ben and jerrys. Haha. Easily 2500 calories with a few more in beer.

Also, this leg vein is new.