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Official T-ransformation 2017 Thread


@flipcollar is it mostly the grip or the weight/positioning?
In contest you can clean with both hands and then remove the non pressing hand, correct?


It’s not difficult to get the dumbbell to the shoulder. I could clean much more weight than I can press. But when it’s up there, balance is the main challenge, and then pressing (actually jerking) straight up. If you lose it in any direction, you’ll miss the lift. And when you can’t grip it well, it’s very hard to position and press, particularly if you’re someone like me who has shitty shoulder mobility. Wrist positioning is also difficult, making sure that everything’s well aligned for the jerk. And then when you take your dip, it’s easy to lose it. I could go on and on about how much it sucks, lol.


I wish I had a circus dumbbell to practice on. I have normal a normal db at contest weight but I’m curious how much the actual implement will differ.


what’s the contest weight?

There’s also a lot of variation in circus dumbbells. size and shape can make the implement tremendously harder. We have a few different circus db’s at my gym, and they all feel very different. Everyone who uses them has different preferences between them. But yea, a circus db is MUCH more difficult, generally, than a regular sized one. You have much more room for error with a regular dumbbell, and it’s easier to rack as well.


120 is the contest weight. Should be plenty doable.


Shelby Starnes posted this yesterday. Relevant and excellent.


I made a DIY rig with some home depot buckets. Worked well enough.


Damn good post right there.


Anybody else eating 5 bagels as part of a normal breakfast during their diet?


lol, fuck you buddy… :slight_smile:


I’m just hoping to get in everyone’s head. I need every advantage possible :grin:


Anyone else down 10lbs today?


3 weeks in, 3lbs down for me. Going to add in a little morning cardio a couple days this week to make sure I keep on this pace.


I am up 3lbs! Yay me!


I’m down 7, so you got me there @dchris


3 pounds must be the magic number… That’s what I’m down as well.


I am down ten, so I look skinny AF.


Me too. Not only have I not had any carbs, but I literally haven’t worked out in 8 days. I’m flat AF.


I dunno how you guys live without carbs…


I don’t know how people live on such little fat.