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Official T-ransformation 2017 Thread


I’ll move closer next time.


@Yogi1 My cover has been blown! Haha yup it is.

@lord_humongous Thanks man!


@furo mate if you’re looking for a 24hr gym with no gym wankers and quality equipment then get in touch. I run a gym over in the southside. I think @Yogi1 may have used it one point.


@ChongLordUno Oh awesome I’m definitely interested in that! Unfortunately I’m going to be out of Glasgow from Feb-Aug but will get in touch about that when I’m back.


Anyone with any notable Week 2 updates? I’m down an inch on the waist already, and 2-3 pounds but nothing crazy. Sometimes people go on low carb diets and lose like 20 pounds though…

The first couple of weeks, even 2 months maybe, can be a bit “mundane” because the visual differences are minimal until you get under 10% or so, but lets not lose steam!


compared to

Don’t know if this counts as ‘notable’ but this is just from cleaning up my diet a lil…


that’s a great little gym. I used to train there


yeah I did; it’s a great little gym.

Lots of cool shit like farmers walk handles that I’d never used before. I sucked at those! Haha


I’m down 2.2lbs in two weeks. Nothing crazy visually, I honestly don’t expect to notice a real difference until I hit the 200lb mark. Maybe then I will update with some new pictures.

This week I’m going to try and behave but I’m out of town for a work course with some rather rowdy colleagues so I fully anticipate to be over-indulging on both food and beer for the next 3-4 days. I’m going to try and keep calorie expenditure high by hitting the hotel weight room and pool as often as I can…but we shall see.


I started my diet 2 weeks early. I switched from a gallon of whole milk to 2%. Lol


I am down 10.1 lbs in the first two weeks. But, this is to be expected when one is fat.


I was 201 on the nose on waking and looked leaner than I can remember. Was hungry AF yesterday and same today (ditto tired despite sleep), which makes me happy because those two are often a sign I’m going to see noticeably faster progress for a time.


I haven’t trained in like a month and have been ill for most of that so I’m down a couple of lbs. High 5!

Still going to bulk for like another 8 weeks to really plump up for that before photo…


fuuuuuck that, just enjoy yourself.


check out Kate Moss


farmers walks are probably my second worst strongman event. right up there with circus dumbbell. circus db is the absolute fucking worst.


10 pints and half a pepperoni and bacon pizza later…

Well this morning I did 40 laps of the hotel pool with a little hot tub time before work. We will chalk it up as a wash.


Implying there will ever be photos…


Yeah I’ve fucked around with one of those crazy dumbbells. My little tiny hands couldn’t cope at all.


We have one at my gym with a 2 1/2" diameter. Best I’ve done on it is 120 lbs, which is not close to good enough for competition purposes.