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Official T-ransformation 2017 Thread


also, did we take pics? I honestly can't even remember.

I will say guys that Flip is scary built so if he stays as lean and adds 20lbs it is GAME OVER for all of us


:blush: oh you're just too kind #photoshop


(just had to measure as I never remember!)


I'm hoping a can add a bit more size for 6 weeks then slowly start to drop the fat. Not that it matters but life long natural, will add a few more details when I start a log

thanks for the compliment


this is why you're in prime position. IF I accomplish my goal, then I'm in great shape as well, but that's a pretty tall order. I'd rather have a soft midsection to start with for the purposes of this competition.


good point! Going to spend the next 8 weeks or so getting even softer


Have you ever had a "soft midsection?" I've seen those pics of you as a kid, sporting a six pack at ten years old.


So up a blog, would love to follow the progress



Just for you. I look forward to all of our progress.



well I've definitely been fatter than I am now. I would say the 'fattest' I've ever been was still less than 15%. My abs blurred a bit a couple or 3 years ago, which was the first time my bodyweight got over 190


This ain't fair.... You try to remember the last time you couldn't see your abs. I try to remember the last time i could see em!:joy:


Flip is just ain't far. I could photoshop my head onto your before photo and I'd probably win the competition. And you're planning on adding 20 lean lbs?


The prosecution rests, lol. We all have different tools - staying below fifteen is certainly an enviable skill in this community.


That's the idea, since I've been there before, and I've finally got the time and resources to dedicate to it. I got to just under 210 last year, but I was 1 or 2 percent fatter than I am now, I would guess. The plan is actually to get well over 200 by the end of March, just by eating everything in sight. Then if I need to cut down, I'll have time.


Did this for a laugh today


Looked pretty impressive!


It's funny cause everyone who lifts has done this at least once in their life.


I'm officially starting my T-ransformation tomorrow - up until now I had been working towards a mock meet as part of my comeback from a broken leg - and I did that today.

I also wanted to post another picture because I'm vain and the relaxed ones are a bit DYEL. My bodyweight is up a little at 98.7kg (217lbs). Let's do this!


is that the anytime fitness in Partick?


I think this should be required from all of us who don’t know how to pose. Except the camera doesn’t have to be a quarter mile away.


Arms and shoulders lookin legit dude