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Official T-ransformation 2017 Thread


Totally fine as far as I see it, that was more for people who didnt have one and wanted to start one just for the log


Alright everyone, Week 1 is officially in the books (that was fast, huh?)

Hopefully you are all down 1-3 pounds and it wasn’t too tough to get through. Often times week 2-3 can be the hardest because the luster of the “new thing” has worn off and you havent had enough time to form new habits so it can be a bit of a struggle during these week to not slip back to the old ways

Stay in there though!


I think we are our own worst critics and you are being way harder on yourself than your results and physique would warrant, you look great already! By the time June rolls around you will be even closer to your goals too, but I dont see anything to be anything but proud of in your photos, especially considering your history.

Welcome along!


Thank you for the kind words Lonnie. I know I still have a long ways to go.:wink:


And it begins! I too made the mistake of just taking “relaxed” pics, but in the next 20weeks. I will make sure to learn a thing or 2 about posing. It’s on people! Wow… I also realized I am balding back there…can we replace that with my back hair? Anyone have suggestions on how that can be done? Body and hair transformation in one.


Welcome to the party! Great progress, keep it up!


THANKS! Looking forward to June! Appreciate the comment.


I’m up 3-4. Am I doing this right?


Either very right or very wrong. Stay the course and all will be revealed come June


OK, I am in. I might be the biggest guy here. I wanted to wait until the end of my carb load to take the pics since this morning I was already down 4lbs from the first.

Current Weight: 300lbs
Height: 5’ 10"

I am hoping to stop buying custom shirts after this comp.




I’ll get someone to take some starting pics for me asap, but i’ll go ahead and post my starting stats. Sitting at about 182 in the am right now. Which is the lowest bodyweight I’ve been at in ages. Have lifted once in the last month. Hoping to be around 200 at a similar leanness level by the end of this.

Also, I have now seen @Yogi1 in person, and I can tell you guys he’s about to win this shit.


RIP my chances… I’m looking to go from like 190 to low 160’s by the end :frowning:


Not the best images but wanted to get something up to show I’m in. Will probably start a log with more details and pictures. Wish I had more size but this may be my best chance to get contest lean so will see what happens.


Pics or it didn’t happen…


You’re going to grow into a show? LOL!!! That’s so awesome!

I was thinking something like that all along.


definitely not my place to do that. but he did say he plans to post pictures.


What really happened:

Flipcollar had been kidnapped and is in Yogi’s basement. Yogi now controls both Flipcollar’s and his own T-Nation accounts.


Mwa ha ha harrr!!!

@flipcollar is just being kind - he has seen that I am average height, average build and a little soft in the midsection. Compared to some of the other guys posting here I am light years behind but rest assured I am in for this competition and will most definitely be posting pics


lol, honestly mate I’m nowhere near the level of some of the guys here. @littlesleeper’s got a ton more muscle than I do


you look good there man. What’s your starting weight and how tall?