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Official T-ransformation 2017 Thread


Someone get that black bear a sandwich ASAP!


For real, a quick shave and he will be down 20lbs the first week!


Wait… this thing is total bodyweight lost, right? That was my ace card. :neutral_face:


There’s a lot of us around the 215lb mark, it will be really interesting to follow each other’s progress :).

So far I’ve gone from 216lbs to 217lbs lol.


Dat recomp tho


I finally met my match for hairiness! :grinning:I think I have you beat though! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


First Post. Long time lurker. Finally got some negative things out of my way this year (failed biz and soul leaching job). Time to get after some goals. Current: 5’10" 220lbs S:355, DL: 410, B: 215 (damn shoulder). Goal: 185lbs S:405, DL: 495, B: 315. Forgive the attempt at posing. Wife laughed her ass off.


There’s muscle under that winter coat, I see lots of potential there. Welcome aboard


Welcome man! Looking forward to following along with your progress.




I can’t match you two on body hair, but I’m hoping I can capture the awards for facial hair in june. So please keep shaving regularly so I have a chance.


Sand bagger - we see the top of the six pack.


Bit late but here’s my before, taken I think 27th or 28th December 2016 (does that count?).


By the way, I’m in. My before pic, from November as I started my cut early.

My T-ransformation log is here Do Myths Even Lift? T-ransformation Log


Alright, alright, just because dChris said I was pulling a Yogi. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Make no mistake, I know I am not on the same level as y’all are, but I have goals just the same. (Everybody has to start somewhere. ) It has taken a over a year to get to this point after I wrecked my metabolism in 2015. So, don’t laugh damn it! :angry:

2014 I weighed 180lbs by 2015 got down to 109. Did it the wrong way. 2016 has been spent trying to rebuild. Finally to the point of making progress.

Current weight: 122lbs. Goal: 130-140
Height: 5’4"
Age: 48

So, transformation for me is to get past the " do you even lift bro- ette stage?"
Main goal: strength
Secondary goal: to look decent with my clothes on :laughing: (pretty obvious from the pics :wink:) ok, that may be an unattainable goal, but what the hell! Life is too short, to dream small.


@ChickenLittle - Looking great! I’d say you’re definitely past the: [quote=“ChickenLittle, post:55, topic:224854”]
" do you even lift bro- ette stage?"

Keep crushing it!


I can tell that you lift, right on!


Thanks littlesleeper. At least people have stopped calling me a meth-head. :joy:
Long way to go, but I is gonna keep at it.


Thanks Myth. But, last place is still mine! :laughing:


Seems like I missed posting a link to my log.

It’s my regular log - which is my only log. I can’t be doing with starting a specific log for this challenge, because from where I stand it’s a fairly integral part of my training, so belongs in my log. Hope everyone is OK with that.