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Official T-ransformation 2017 Thread


Joining in. Pics to come later tonight. Starting at 179 @ 23% bf. Goal is to finding at 168 @ 10% bf. Need to lose 25 pounds of fat and gain 12 pounds muscle. Gameplay. Dive straight into cut to hit bf weight then slowly build muscle and give myself a 3 week cutter finish to end comp.


It’s on like Donkey Kong!

Thanks man! I think shredding down will just exemplify my imbalances, but let’s giver.

Also, just a question for all:

Are you guys using your ‘T-ransformation’ logs as your new full blown training logs, or sticking with your original training log and just updating the ‘T-ransformation’ log weekly/monthly to update your progress in terms of fat loss? Either could probably work, but just wanted to see what the majority of y’all were up to.


I don’t feel like making a new log. I posted my diet plan and weight in my current log, and I’ll check in here as we go along.


Yup I should add I’ll be continuing my current log as I’m very attached to it, and I haven’t finished coming back from my injury:


The log thing is a good point, The t-ransformation logs were mainly for people starting a new log so they had a place to post more frequent info. Those with current logs can obviously use those

Dude we have some heavily muscled hombres up in here, I think June is going to produce some insane pictures


@Benanything worked some magic with tagging my account to the comp. maybe he can do that for others that have existing logs.


Not gonna lie, a tad nervous after seeing some of these guys competing.
Still in, just cant start til Jan 12th.


73 kg / 161 pounds


Bro you done already?!?! Damn you gonna be lean af


Been lurking for a while, so thought I’d better join in. Got a month of no work (at the moment), so should be able to get a decent head start on you guys. Figured I’d go for the ‘where’ve the moobs gone’ before/after than the ‘I already looked awesome, but now I look more awesome’ approach (damn you).

Currently 272lbs (123kg), 6ft 5. I’ve got relaxed photos only at the moment.


This is really cool man. I hope people do awesome things with this!


Some offense but you guys really slacked your ass off with the before photos. I won’t name any names but I mean all of you.

It isn’t a good before photo unless people are questioning whether you are pregnant…

This is a solid 3 weeks worth of prep work and a peak protocol of nothing but airport food and soda. Also true relaxed, none of this “body builder” relaxed.

At 9pm
100cm waist I shit you not
43cm arms…they were both the same so 1 thing to be actually proud of


I took the before pics, because I still believe in miracles. I am planning on winning the 2020 edition of this challenge. I figure it will take that long for me to get there.


hopefully bro!


You are aware that your after pic is going to be measured against Sandow :smile:


holy hell you’ll be a scary ass dude when you’re lean


Anyone changing their training up for this thing yet? I’ve gone to a bit more of a BBing style split, although I kind of had that planned to do anyway. Already got some good soreness going on in places I havent been getting it with my other split (more upper/lower than body part split)


Ya. I’m trying Thib’s strength circuit method. I’ve never been a big fan of BB splits.


Fear my epic fatness


I just wanted to get a before pic in before Yogi did. So in that sense, I feel like a winner already.

6’2", 214 this morning. #TeamManscapingLOLNo