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Official T-ransformation 2017 Thread


Flip’s right @Gorillakiv83 your progress since you started posting here has been insane.


Down 5lbs since the start so I’m still on track. I tell you what, I’ve gained quite a bit of respect for you fuckers that are so consistent.


I have hit a couple PRs, but my weight hasn’t dropped at all this month. In fact, I haven’t even seen my January low weight yet this month… did some investigation work and I discovered my scales broken. In a fit of rage, I threw it out the window last night.


Was the scale broken before or after you threw it out the window?


Lol, ya… We have two scales and they never read the same. Hell, you could step on the Under Armour one we have 3 times and it’ll give you 3 different number.


I don’t actually know. When I looked at the scale lying next to the maple tree in my back yard, it had crack through the glass. I could only assume that I cracked it when my fat ass stepped on the scale.


That’s ok. I was down from 223 to 215 in January. Sitting at 218 today. :rage: Might be time for a scale discuss competition.

I haven’t missed a work out and the diet has been spot on. Some of it was water recovery after norovirus, but I’ve been through the head games before just keep fighting.

Also KB swings. Looking at the guys who do 500/day on that program. Might be time to pull out the stops.


This sums up pretty well, what happened with the scale

EDIT: [quote=“Basement_Gainz, post:227, topic:224854”]
Also KB swings. Looking at the guys who do 500/day on that program. Might be time to pull out the stops.

Good point, I stopped doing swings when i hurt my back last month.


Jesus dude. How often in your life do you come across someone who’s even close to being as jacked as you? You’re a freak. One of the most consistently impressive physiques I’ve ever seen on a “real person.”


Not particularly often in the ‘real word’, outside of gym and competition settings. It’s not hard to find guys that are ‘bigger’ than me, but they’re usually not going to be lean as well.

I compete in Strongman, and so I get a lot of exposure to guys that are on another level of strength and athleticism compared to me all the time. Out of the guys I actually train with, I’m almost certainly pound for pound the strongest.


Thank you so much, i appreciate it. Exactly 3 years ago i found what works for me and i’ve been doing the exact same things since then like a robot.


Thanks yogi, i cant forget how supportive you were when i was just beginning to change myself.


Damn, another week went by. Woke up at 216, which is finally back at my low. Still haven’t lost weight this month. I am going to start doing morning fasted cardio again, several times a week. I stopped doing it about the same time my weight stopped going down.


I’m down to 181 but no real change in my waist measurement. The mirror is telling me I’m losing fat elsewhere, but the waist measurement for me has been the gold standard for progress. But of course there is plenty to lose in the legs/arms/back/chest etc… So perhaps thats just where its getting it from now.

I’m thinking I should have made the contest go until June 31 to give us all 6 months total instead of 5.


Oh heck no, I can’t wait for the day to enter into a calorie surplus once again!

That being said, I’ve been kind of slouching in the whole cutting thing this week. I’ve been hanging around maintenance, and haven’t turned away from a few opportunities to indulge in some adult beverages.

I’m with @dchris, and will be tossing in my morning fasted cardio once again this coming week. This really seemed to spur on some fat loss when I was doing this consistently.


So true! I forewent two giant pancakes with syrup, almond butter, jam and butter for breakfast at my favorite restaurant this morning. I need June 1 to come already. [quote=“Lonnie123, post:234, topic:224854”]
no real change in my waist measurement

Just measured, my waist at the widest point is down an inch and half. So there’s that, I suppose.


Since it’s reasonably relevant to this:

Had a BIA scan today:

200.6 lbs (gym shorts and shirt, about an hour post breakfast so waking weight would have been around 197.3 lbs)
18% bodyfat
43 kg skeletal muscle mass

That’s 2.1% bodyfat down since last BIA three months ago and no change in muscle mass. That’s a big plus to me.


How do you have access to that?


There’s a lady here in Canberra who does BIA scans. She used to run them out of the gym I train at which is how I found out about them. Not as accurate as DEXA but since it’s the same machine each time I figure it’ll track change well enough. Cheap too.


I’m starting to look like the most popular physique ever on t-nation; Brad Pitt in fight club.