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Official T-ransformation 2017 Thread


Pics or GTFO of the Coffee Crisp thingys :smiley:



What’s the exchange rate between Coffe Crisp bars and Carlos V’s?

Can I middle man some trades and make a fortune in fudge?


Are those Keto friendly?


Vegan too!!!


BOT, what do you mean disqualify myself? Did I do something wrong? Or is this a joke?

Chicken, if you want to put build an awesome physique and retain/gain athleticism at the same time, Strongman training is an excellent way to pursue those goals. And it’s fun.

Myth, I respectfully disagree. If I look just like this at the end of the challenge, I should not win. In fact, I should come in dead last, because this is a transformation contest, not a ‘don’t change anything’ contest. I consider myself to be at a distinct disadvantage by being so lean. It largely takes out one variable available for me to manipulate. To be discernibly leaner, I have to get myself into bodybuilding contest condition. That’s something of a problem, lol. That’s why it’s pretty important for me to add muscle if I want a shot at winning this. If anybody in here drops like 30-40 lbs of fat over the next 4 or 5 months, they should destroy me in the competition.


Totally a joke!!!

Because you are already super ripped, if I end up where you are now I will be pretty happy.


You’ve got a ton of muscle man. You’ve got a great physique under there, a little bit of dieting will go a long way.


Shitty photo, but my selfie game isn’t up to much. Took it after training this morning. Around midday weighed in at 200.4 lbs


6 week check ins tomorrow:

Post your updates, measurements and changes you plan to make.

Feel free to ask for input from any of the lurking pro’s and experienced people we have as well, I’m sure they will be happy to answer.

Any stragglers… This might be a good time to jump in, only 3.5 months left and the time goes faster than you think.


Week 6 update and plan:

  • Down another pound in the last 2 weeks, but only 5 pounds total. Small progress but progress none the less, I think I have squeezed out whatever I was going to get from my phase 1, no-cardio-weight-loss plan

On to phase 2: Slightly less food, Add in a small amount of cardio

  • As I want to keep calories as high as possible for as long as possible, Plan now is to add a short cardio session after my weight training workouts, and eliminate about 600 calories/week by reducing my pre workout snack by 50% (1/2 a Finibar instead of a whole one).

  • Cardio will be “tabata lite” (10 seconds work, 20 rest, 8 rounds) on my Assault Bike until I build that up and flip it to real tabata in a few weeks. Even the lite version is brutal though in my currently unconditioned state. I think I may follow through with my plan of only doing Tabata bike sprints as my cardio for this cut (just for a “fun” challenge, it has no basis in reason or logic) and just add in sessions as the weeks go on.

Hopefully this takes me below the 180 mark by end of the month, at which point I will have about 12 weeks to lose another 12-15 pounds. Still plenty of room to add cardio and take away calories, so I feel like I’m in a good place here although the last 2 weeks weren’t all that productive.


Weekly average this week was 178.3, down 1.85 from last week, 13.45 in thirteen weeks (I started early).

Actually considering getting off of keto, bumping calories slightly, and adding in another day of cardio, but there’s still plenty of time, so I’m not sure.

I’m thinking final weight will be somewhere between 165 and 170.


I’m thinking that too. That seems to be a very common weight for “average natural lifters” to end up from what I see, maybe even a bit lighter in true contest shape. I real, shredded 170 is no joke.


Looks like I jumped the gun by a few days.


Eh, nothing too formal around here, I’m just trying to keep it somewhat “official” and everyone on track. It’s easy to have the days slip away from you

Having said that, You are hereby official On Notice


I’ve been very bad this month. :disappointed::weary:

Just snapped this photo. Hopefully it’s forward progress.


Well, I’m right at 199 lbs AM weight right now, hitting around 204-205 in the evenings. So up about 17 lbs from 5 weeks ago. Still very lean, plenty of vascularity, although I think my abs are slightly blurred as compared to some of my other pictures. You guys can be the judge of that. Strength is great right now, couldn’t be happier with my progress for 2017 thus far.


I completed the 4th week of my full body program and this is how i look at the moment.
This is the first time im doing a full body routine and definitely loving it.
I will start doing light cardio in april and it will get more intense every week.
I am so excited to see the final product.


Dude, you’re killing it! Aside from just in this thread, your work since you started posting on this site has been so impressive!