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Official T-ransformation 2017 Thread


Grats on 4th. Was it a local meet? Pro qualifier? How did you choose which show a and promoter? Events? Strongman is so unorganized at the amateur level.


Twins! I took 4th today


Mine was incredibly well planned and run. 96 competitors, whole day followed the outlined schedule. I would highly recommend any show run by Dean Munsey.


Solid!!! Those are some massive shred gainz.


Not just at the amateur level, haha.


After not losing weight from mid feb to early March, I adjusted my macros a bit and dropped 1.5lbs last week. Also my waist is down from 38" at the start to 35.5". Had a re-feed yesterday of sushi burritos and sushi donuts. As well as a shamefull ice cream waffle sundae. My new low weight is 214.6. Woke up this morning full and sore at 215.6.

Here’s some updated photos from this morning. Feel like my arms and shoulders are way ahead of my back and chest. Thoughts?


Will look into it. I don’t intend to enter one till I can get 5 reps with 3/4/5/6 plates on OHP/Bench/Squat/DL. And get better at the basic events too of course. At this rate it’ll be 3 years minimum.


Why wait? You will get better much faster if you compete now.


I want to actually have a chance at winning the amateur if I pay the fee to compete. Those lifts and good conditioning/experience with implements would put me in the running at least.

When I wrestled I was always 1 weight class too heavy to compete. It was aggravating placing 3rd or 4th all the damn time. I want to play to win or not play. I also want to prove to myself I’m serious before I compete.


Having certain lifts are a part of it, but experience a pretty crucial aspect of winning in strongman. Competition experience gets you better at knowing when to push and when to throttle back, strategizing efforts, recovering from events, getting used to different equipment, etc etc.

If you want to actually have a chance at winning, competing is VASTLY in your best interest. Otherwise, you might end up spending 3 years building up to certain lifts only to show up and STILL not win, and they you end up needing to get 3-4 shows in before you finally got it figured out. Competing during the time where you were building up strength would get you there sooner.

I say this as a guy who entered into the sport with a very solid base of static strength for my weight class. I might’ve been the “strongest” guy at a show, but I still wouldn’t win because I didn’t know how to be a good strongman.

If your goal is winning, you owe it to yourself to compete NOW so you can win in the future, vs not compete now and not win in the future.


Heavily, heavily agree with @T3hPwnisher. My powerlifting total was hundreds of lbs above the other competitors in my class, yet I took 4th out of 6. Go compete. It’s extremely fun and eye-opening.


Am I reading this right? You’re waiting until you can OHP 315 for 5 reps before competing? So aside from the fact that your numbers are HEAVILY skewed towards upper body strength (a 6 plate deadlift for 5 is not remotely comparable to the OHP goal), those are SHW-type numbers. If that OHP is meant to be strict, you’re potentially talking about pro-caliber numbers. Just so you’re fully aware of what you’re saying.


exactly where I am.

BTW, doing a show in May that involves zero carries. Only moving event is a tire flip. I’m about to win this shit :slight_smile:


Yeah. I don’t want to compete in strongman till I’m actually a strong man. It will probably take me 3-5 years to hit those numbers if I ever do. I’m going to train consistently and eat for my goals and see where I end up. If I plateau at 265 ohp for reps what have I lost?

The stepped approach to this game is me trying to put the brakes on my personality. My last hobby (reloading) turned into an obsession and a side business. I made a lot of money and then lost a whole lot more when it failed. 5 years of stress and now I can’t even look at a reloading bench, it disgusts me.

I enjoy strongman events. I have a tire, a keg, a well drill bit, a sand bag etc… I enjoy trying hillbilly medlies in my back yard till I can’t stand up. If I sign up for a show and go ham on it now I can lay even money I won’t be doing this in 5 years.

Looking to lift for the long hall and if I never get strong enough to be competitive I won’t be heartbroken.

Major thread derail. Sorry.


Exactly what I thought. A 3 plate OHP is going to take forever to build up for 5 if strict. Might want to rethink those numbers. Also, why are you so worried about the bench being 405 for 5? Why not just watch it go up and make your main focus OHP and do a shit ton of dips for strongman?


the ability to enter a strongman comp, based on your criteria…

315 OHP for reps is monstrous.


I think you’re missing my point here, so I will clarify. You can WIN COMPETITIONS without having a 315x5 OHP. You could legitimately get a pro card without being as strong as that. On the flip side, a 585 deadlift for 5 reps will not be particularly strong at all as a SHW. In a highly competitive competition, that could reasonably put you in dead last in the deadlifting event. That’s really why I think your goals are screwy. Your numbers would b indicative of a world class presser and a sub par deadlifter, lol. The best light and middleweight guys out there could get that deadlift done, but there are zero lightweight, and probably no middleweights I’m aware of, who could touch that OHP number.


Curious, what base level of strength should one have before entering a strongman comp?

Does the below seem reasonable?
275 Push Press
500 DL
455 Squat


what weight class? 275 is a fantastic push press in the 200 and under class. It will win a lot of amateur comps. 500 deadlift isn’t winning at any weight class. 455 squat doesn’t matter much unless there is an actual squatting event.


Lowest weight I’d ever compete at would be 220