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Official T-ransformation 2017 Thread

I seem to remember @Lonnie123 began the March check-ins. Here are a couple of mine from today in VERY flattering lighting, weighing 194.5 lbs on waking and BIA measured at 18% bodyfat two weeks ago. There are more in my log of me trying to pose.


Not so relaxed same lighting

Kind of half and half, different lighting


Looking good Mark, Legs will look great when your leaner. Keep it up buddy

current pictures of where I am at


Gents are looking good!

Then there is me, tackling a half pint of Cappuccino Ice Cream last night…

Well…low day for me today…


[quote=“Lonnie123, post:299, topic:224854”]
Tabata bike sprints[/quote]
Based on how your quad definition is coming in already, I’d say these are treating you pretty well.

From Jan to now, down about 5 pounds on the scale:


I somehow missed this thread and I know I’m late to the game. Here’s my pics from January… I’ll consider myself an ‘unofficial entry’ since it’s March. I like these, they help hold me accountable.

Best I could do was some pics from 01/19 (snapped a pic trying to show they we’re taken 1/19 but I’m not holding a newspaper or a shoe or anything, so you’ll just have to believe me).


Few days ago…


How much scale weight have you lost? Some significant improvements in less than 3 months! You don’t look any happier for it though :grumpycat:


208 to 195 lbs. Dropped some weight quick at first but settling into about 1 lbs a week.

That made me laugh out loud.


Sorry, I had to!

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Damn, some good progress happening here. I’m gonna have to consider stepping up my game. Doubling cardio times next week…

Little visual progress, but I’m down to a waking weight of 181 with strength staying stable or increasing. Should make the cut to 175 for my strongman competition easy. Planning to push hard post contest.


Somehow screwed up and started a metabolic meltdown, lost 6 lbs since Sunday. :sob: I feel decent today so maybe it will stop here. Any advice on how to stop it would be appreciated :confused:


@ChickenLittle no worries, it’s all good! Can you post more details about what you’ve been doing? Would need to know a lot more about cardio, nutrition and all that to give the best advice. But, without knowing any of that, I’d say 6 lbs, while more than typical for a short amount of time, isn’t anything to freak out about. It could be a “whoosh” effect as it’s called, where the body finally realizes it’s ok to give up some weight, could be a combination of water, food volume, fat, etc., especially if strength has been good and cals haven’t been basement levels, protein requirements are being met, I wouldn’t worry about it.

BUT if you do want to slow things down, any combination of pulling back/stopping cardio for a few days, maybe take a day or two off of training, and eating more would do the trick.


Thanks @robstein.
Closest thing I do to cardio is 20 rep squats. My work is very active, so I stopped the cardio thing a long time ago. I have been lifting 5 days a week but not an excessive amount of volume. What I have been doing has been working great. I have gained weight and strength.
My log is in the O35/ Engine Overhaul. No idea how to link it here. :smirk:
I have eaten as much as humanly possible to get to this point. Most of it is clean, but I have loosened the reigns to get in more calories. I try to keep the calories up around 4,000/day, but admittedly some days end up with only 2,000. I stopped tracking the carbs and fat but make sure the protein is at least 120g/day.

I know it doesn’t do any good to freak out, but the last time this happened it didn’t stop until I was 105lbs. My goal weight is 130. I have spent all last year building this back up. I just hate to lose all my progress. I was so close. Just 2 pounds away. Grrrr!
I have been trying to out eat it, but that just seems to make it worse. Well, the “I feel like I am melting and the heart jumping out of my chest part anyway”.
You’re probably right and it’s just my body saying it doesn’t want to be fat again. Thanks again.

This is the point when I usually find myself alone, sobbing uncontrollably, while eating two pints of ben and jerries. I have always woken up 10lbs heavier. It’s worth a shot.


Thanks! I will take this into consideration. I don’t have any Ben and Jerry 's on hand, but maybe chocolate marshmallow swirl will do the trick :wink:


You are just fluctuating water weight. Even if you haven’t eaten any calories at all since Sunday you couldn’t have burned through that much fat or muscle in that time. Drink water and get an extra couple grams of salt today and you’ll stabilize.

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Jealous fit of rage . emoji hahahahahaha

Peanut butter banana sandwiches fried in butter. If that sounds good enjoy one (or all of them) for me :smiley:


I will pick up some bananas this evening. I am in for just about anything fried in butter…:joy:

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