Official T-ransformation 2017 Thread

Welcome to the official (unofficial) T-ransformation 2016 Summer Shred Down Challenge. This 20 week competition from Jan 1st to June 1st will provide the perfect venue to test your mettle, push yourself, and uncover all that muscle you have worked to develop over the years.

Please read the opening post on the Announcement Thread if you havent as it does contain some more info

The rules are simple: To enter, simply post a 3 pose photo as your before pictures (Front totally relaxed, “Front Relaxed” and “Rear Relaxed” in body building standards). While these pictures are not strictly mandatory, we feel that by putting these up it will help make people serious and keep our retention rates up to the end. You can simply enter by saying “im in” or something to that effect, but please only commit if you do plan on sticking it through all the way to the end.

From June 1st to June 8th you will submit your after photos, which are the same as the entry/before photos. Please try to use similar lighting conditions and camera for an accurate comparison. Recommended clothing for photos is “tighty whities” or boxer-brief style underwear or posing trunks if you happen to have some.

Winner will be chosen by the members of T-Nation, both those who competed and those who did not will be able to vote. Prize will be the adulation and adoration of the internet lifting community, what more could you ask for!?

Guidelines For Posting: While we encourage lively discussion that is on topic, please note that this main thread is not the place for training logs, or weekly updates. Questions regarding lifting , diet, and fat loss are encouraged. Intermittent posts about how things are going are fine as well. Competitors may choose to post “progress photos” once per month, and may additionally respond to others request for more photos… Basically use your best judgement and try not to “clutter up” the thread with endless photos and posts.

Above all, this is meant to increase your fun and enjoyment out of training, and take you further than you would go casually with your diet… So let’s have fun, motivate each other, and get shredded!


First. That means brownie points right?

I’m showing my ignorance here because I thought front and rear relaxed just meant being relaxed and taking a shot from in front and behind, not that they were specific poses. So this isn’t quite right, but it should do the job. Taken cold and fasted on the morning of the 30th, at a bodyweight of 98.1kg (216lbs).

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Thats perfectly fine… the body building world turned the word “relaxed” into “look relaxed but actually flex every muscle in the body”


Damn dude, solid base to start with, ending pictures should be very impressive

Will be updating this log: Dchris's Surge Challenge - #3 by dchris

Leg pic is from today (6lbs lighter haha), others are my fluffy post holiday gluttony. [quote=“Lonnie123, post:4, topic:224854”]
the body building world turned the word “relaxed” into “look relaxed but actually flex every muscle in the body”

Ya… I suppose that describes my ‘relaxed’ back shot. Will retake.


@furo it’s okay, me too. I was wondering what the difference between relaxed and relaxed was.

@dchris could you please put your pelvis away?

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I’m long torso’d. Hahaha fixed

Just giving you crap. Trash talking is my speciality, and it’s my primary way to contribute.

Sorry @Lonnie123, I’ll try harder next time.

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Not sure if that was serious or not… You definitely haven’t cluttered at this point. I was just trying to avoid 10-12 people posting multiple pictures every week (big changes dont happen in the “week” time frame until the very end). I just didnt want like 10 new posts a day with pictures that look almost identical to the week before

I expect a lot of posting and back-and-forth this first week/month while the excitement level is high. I will be doing my own photo’s a bit later in the day. So far its going very well though

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110% sarcasm sir. I’m a bit sassy on the internet.


Here we go…5’7, 173, 14.something% bf

not stoked with the posing or shadows on the back relaxed but whatevs, it ain’t June yet

As luck would have it the newest Iron Radio is partly about getting leaner for the summer, in a good and sustainable way. It was a good listen and has some good tips for those of us in on this.

Here is the synopsis:

Happy New Year! As we start a new year, the guys come together to cover news and mail, and to bring some timely discussion on strength and physique goals for 2017. The listener mail covers news on caffeine and creatine, and the usual science news covers post-biotic treatments for diet rebound as well as the iffy value of collagen in your supplements. After the break, in the Topic of the Day, Phil joins in from the road. Everyone talks about diet and physique time frames and pitfalls. Will you compete in the coming year? Is leanness a goal? Then this one is for you!

Here they are… Yikes, the last 4 years (and especially the last 6 months) have not been kind. Guess I pushed that latest bulk a bit too far. If anyone needs this transformation its me.

Coming in at around 195 (scale is out of batteries, I just ordered some so I’ll be able to track this better), and feel that in 20 weeks I can get that down to 170 and hopefully pretty dang lean. Love Handle measurement is 37.25" which is very obvious, and very bad for me… didnt realize I had gotten so out of hand, I consider 35" “bad” and am looking to get this down to 33" by the end of the contest.

Fatty in the house…

Scale weight was 217.5 this morning. My initial goal is 195-185 (should be pretty easy really).

Just for Yogi:



Team Ginger-Beard checking in @brady888:

My log can be found here:


It looks like we’re both at similar fat levels, both training for a first strongman comp in spring, and both similarly colored and complexion-ed. It will be awesome to have someone with similar goals at a similar starting point to compete with.


dude you’re a tank. You’ll look awesome shredded


What do you expect they have to spread muscle over 5’8", I’ve got nearly a foot on all these shorties. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: