Official Strongman Games Qualifier Thread

Not sure how much traction this thread will get, but I’m planning to submit videos for the OSG qualifier. The events are as follows:

Log press - one clean, with 3 presses, max weight
Sandbag - 260 lbs, pick and carry 20 feet, drop, and repeat for 90 seconds. Max distance.
Deadlift. 5 rep max in 30 seconds. I believe touch and go is allowed.

Who else is giving this a shot? I’ve been trying to figure out what to expect ‘good’ numbers to be. Keep in mind, there are 10-15 invites already given out for each class, based on last year’s finalists, and then any additional invites they feel like giving out. So the top 10 or so athletes in each division won’t be submitting videos. That lowers the bar a bit for what is necessary to qualify.

I’ll be trying to qualify in the 175 division. The numbers I think I can hit are around 230-340 for the log press, 7-8 picks with the sandbag, and low 500’s for the deadlift. I think my sandbag will be my strongest event, a 260 sandbag for a lightweight is no joke.

I’d love to hear anyone else’s input!


I won’t be going for the qualifier, but mad respect to those that do. I feel like at this point I am close to being nationally competitive in the US (not top 5 or anything, but I think good enough to get an arnold qualifier at SC nats), but those U105 numbers are no fucking joke… none of the numbers are but U105 is where I compete.

I think you would be ok with the log and sandbag numbers (actually that sandbag would probably wreck damn near all the other U80 guys if you could hit 7-8 picks), but that deadlift seems low for a 5 rep max, even at 175. I think high 500’s is a much better number if you can hit that.

Kudos to you though, if I am being honest, I am pretty intimidated by the competition weights (mostly the 325 log clean and press for U105) and I’ll stick to SC nats this year haha.

Nothing to add except t devastates me that you are a good 50lb lighter than I am, and still as strong / strong that I am.

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Sorry for my ignorance Flip but being on the other side of the planet I haven’t heard of these. Is this a strongman version of the crossfit games, with qualifiers based on people videoing their efforts ?

Something like that. There are qualifying competitions that allow you to get in and some individuals are accepted by online qualifier. The link below will take you to the events

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You could be right. I know there are a lot of guys that can do better. What I’ve generally seen outside of the top 10ish guys is that there are very few who can hit bigger deadlifts and hit respectable OHP numbers. It’s usually one or the other once you get past the really elite guys. So I’m hoping having 2 really good events can translate well for me.

And I agree, sandbag is my best event. I got 4 picks in 30 seconds on my first try at it, so I think that should translate to 8 in 90 seconds.


Hey, Australians and Europeans have made the podium at this show. It’s definitely an international show, although being held in America, you obviously have a majority of American competitors.

The crossfit comparison is a good one. This is basically the level just below like… Arnolds/Giants Live events, and WSM. It’s the highest level of competition for LW competitors and MW competitors (although I think the Clash series that is getting rolling now may end up just as prestigious). It’s also a big show for Masters competitors. WSM competitors have shown up for the Masters division.

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I am not saying low 500’s is insignificant or weak, just that I’m not sure if it’ll get you into the U80 WSM comp. Try it out, it could be enough and hopefully you prove me wrong.

I have a buddy that is going for the U90 qualifier and he is going to hit probably 615 for his 5 rep max, which is why I’m not even worried about trying for U105 haha. I’d be lucky to hit 585 for 5 reps.

I am, haha.

I’ve been dealing with a glute strain for about 2 months now and it’s killing my deadlift. I feel terrible after every deadlift session, so I’ve barely been working on it. Hopefully I’ve got more in me, we’ll see I guess!

Also, 615 for 5 in the U90 class is crazy good. That could easily take the top spot, barring some random deadlift specialists who don’t even do anything else, lol.

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Just throwing out some hypotheticals here, for the sake of conversation. If I was to do a U105 qualifier, I think I could hit:

285x3 for log
7-9 picks with the sandbag

(these numbers all assume I trained for them and worked up to that, I couldn’t do that currently, I would probably need a month)

I am not sure that this would get me a spot at OSG though, mostly because my deadlift is so poor. I think I would need to be much more like 650+. I think the other two would be “sufficient” though, but I would probably have to be more like 300x3 on the log.

Do we have a month? I was thinking the qualifier started beginning of July… do you have any idea how long it runs? I could DEFINITELY be mistaken on that, I can check. And I was assuming we’d only have a week or 2 to get the videos done. I hope we have longer. I haven’t paid enough attention in previous years to know.

so do you know how the qualifying works? Do they just average your placing for the 3 events, or is it something else?

I do not know how long to qualification window is open, but I remember hearing somewhere that it ends July 31st, but don’t take that as gospel. I was simply saying that IF I was to submit for the qualifier, I would need a month of training to get to that point to hit those number.

No, I do not know how they score the qualifier, but I imagine, based on what I have seen other 105k amateur guys do, those numbers I posted would be the minimum to get in. I did forget that amateurs and pros are all welcome, which I did not take that into account when I made my guesses. But I think it is also a solid assumption that the pros are most likely automatically qualified. Like I don’t think Anthony Diehl, Nicolas Cambi, or any other number of 105 pros would have to submit a qualifying video.

yea exactly. that’s why I think the threshold for the online qualifier won’t be like INSANELY high.

All top 10 finishers from last year in each class are auto qualified. Then they have a handful of people who were qualified through other contests and stuff (not a lot but some). And then finally, they hand out a bunch of invites just at their own discretion. So yea I wouldn’t expect guys like Dieh or Cambi or any of the top Clash finishers to have to submit videos. A lot of those guys were top 10 last year anyway.

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Yea, you’re probably right. But when I think about this kind of stuff, I compare myself to the pros (not because I am at that level, but because it is the level I am striving for). I will always consider myself slow and weak until I am as competitive as the top 105k pros, and then my target will move to striving to be as good as the open men.

I may never get to that level, but it won’t stop me from trying

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Totally. I do the same thing 99% of the time. I’ve been at that level (in lightweight) so that’s where my standards ultimately are.

Just getting into this show would be huge for me because I’m so out of shape compared to where I’ve been, and I know by November I can be back at that level. Just a couple years ago I finished 4th at a world championship. If I can learn to carry a 700 lbs car, I’d bet I can make the finals, lol.


Well damn, that’s awesome that you were 4th in the world. I would love to just qualify for an international competition, much less place that high.

Hell I wouldn’t get 4th at nationals right now lol.

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well I took 6th at nationals that year, hahaha. So there’s that. The world’s events suited me better. I got to do power stairs for the first time at that show, that was fun. I was easily the tallest competitor in the class (I’m 5’11), so that was one event where I had a serious advantage.

Deadlift actually killed me at that show. I didn’t get 1 rep. 1 rep would have landed me in 2nd overall. I got it to my knees and lost it. Pretty brutal.

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Holy shit, you compete U175 at 5’11"? why not move up to U90 or U105 at that height? I’m on the tall end of 105 at 6’1", but I also have a big frame and could easily fill out the 265 class

Have you even seen his abs​:joy::joy::joy:

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I was a little curious about this myself. Height is an advantage for some things. What’s the average build for a top level 175?