Official Strongman Games Qualifier Event 1

Hello All,

In case you haven’t heard they released the 1st qualifier event for the Official Strongman Games that will be held this years in December. The event is Max Tonnage Deadlift in 30 seconds without touch and go at the bottom. I weigh 220lbs and I am thinking I can do 315x15 in 30 secs putting my total at 4,725lbs.

I am trying to get an idea of what other peoples totals are looking like.

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Without touch and go, as in commands? 30 seconds is a really short about of time to get in 15 reps. Can you up the bar weight?

Yeah. Watch @Alpha’s one contest video, where he had 60 seconds to deadlift max reps with a 600-pound axle and “only” got 10 reps - at least partly because waiting for the bar to settle at the bottom and waiting for “up” / “down” commands took a lot more time than you’d think. If the contest requires a dead-stop at the bottom with an “up” and a “down” command, I would not be counting on 15 reps in 30 seconds.

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For this qualifier they are doing it like crossfit games style where you take the video on your own and post it online to their website. So there really is not up and down command.

Was just talking about this the other day. I’m not sold on it. Who’s going to be judging the videos? Kalle Beck and Co?

Kalle actually uploaded his own videos. It gets posted on and trainstrongman is running the event in December.