Official Olympia 09 Thread

I think it would be a good idea to have one thread dedicated to the 09 olympia where we post updates for all contenders etc so people arent forced too follow 5 different threads at once

as of july 24th these are all the people that are qualified to compete in the 09 olympia

Troy Alves
Melvin Anthony
Evan Centopani
Darrem Charles
Jay Cutler
Moe Elmoussawi
Toney Freeman
Kai Greene
Ahmad Haidar
Phil Heath
Dexter Jackson
Dennis James
Michael Kefalianos
Martin Kjellstrom
Victor Martinez
Ronny Rockel
Markus Ruhl
Silvio Samuel
Branch Warren
Dennis Wolf
Hidetada Yamagishi

my top 3 will be either heath,dex,kai or kai,dex,heath…I am a heath fan but since the start of the year I’ve grown to like kai for sheer freakiness

Michael Kefalianos
Martin Kjellstrom

These are the only two im not familiar with, did they get in by winning Europa shows ?

Looking into my crystal ball, I call Dexter, Heath, Greene. Next year Dex will fall off and Kai/Phil will be the new Coleman/Cutler for a while.

Heath will probably take it. I want to see either Victor or Greene take it now. Wolf will keep on getting shafted until he burns out.

the whole line up is stacked

it will be tough to place higher than 10th

i see Kai and Heath in the top 2, not nesecerialy in that order

[quote]WS4JB wrote:
Michael Kefalianos
Martin Kjellstrom

These are the only two im not familiar with, did they get in by winning Europa shows ?[/quote]

Martin Kjellstrom came third in the Romanin Grand Prix, which was the week after the Olympia 08, and because it was after the Olympia i think it qualified him for this years Olympia. Kjellstrom is a fuckin monster, fuckin huge!!! Dave Palumbo does his diet.

Micheal Kefalianos came 4th in the Aussie Pro, because Kai, Silvio and Freeman were the top 3 and already were qualified for the olympia, Kefalianos qualifies.

Gorilla muscle ftw!




Kjellstrom at 2009 Ironman

I gave my predictions in the other thread but my pick for top 3 is:


Could go in any order really, but that would be the order I think is most likely to happen.

[quote]Therizza wrote:

Looks like a XXL version of the BODIES exhibit. shit

Michael Kefalianos

[quote]BONEZ217 wrote:
Therizza wrote:

Looks like a XXL version of the BODIES exhibit. shit[/quote]

He placed like 13th in that second pick. I don’t know wtf he did wrong between those contests. His pecs seems to wash out in front double bi and his biceps are kindof funny looking if you ask me.

Another of Kefalianos

Man why is everyone doubting victor he’s my favorite then kai then tony.

Those 2 guys are big… For the first year I really have no idea what the hell is going to happen. Lots of big mother fuckers in this line up, probably one of the most competitive O’s ever.

[quote]xb-C wrote:
Gorilla muscle ftw!


xb-C… them pics of Kai are good, but thats not the Kai that can win the Olympia. He made fuckin unreal gains from that show (NY Pro 08) til the arnold 09.

There is 3 Kai Greenes,

  1. 2006 and 2007. (small, needs way more size)
    2.2008 (the pics you have up)
    3.Arnold Classic 09 and post Arnold Classic 09

The Arnold 09 is where Kai Greene became the Kai Greene we all talk about now, so all im saying is, post pics of the Kai Greene which is the Kai that can win the Olympia, the only pics that exist of this is the Arnold 09 and Aussie Pro 09. And i am so confident what he will bring to the Olympia this year will be so fuckin crazy and out of this world, because he is a proper freak!!! Whooooooooo!!

aussie pro 09