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Official Mustache Thread


Ok so here it is... here's a thread for those T-Nationer's who rock the mustachioed look.

Who here has a stache? We can talk different mustache looks and stache pro's and con's

I recently brought back my handlebars


I dont know why my mustache pic is sideways?


If it was rightside up the amount of awesome would injure most peoples eyes. Leave it be.


good thinking bonez... funny story:

I was on vacation when I grew these out and today was my first day back at my gym. So the receptionist girl at the gym laughed when I walked through the doors today. I said "what?" then she said "I like your mustache" while still kinda laughing... I'm just going to assume it was a nervous chuckle because she was intimidated by my handlebars


Greg thats a damn fine handlebar mustache, congrats. I have on few occasions rocked the mustache, I find like bonez said, that some people are unable to handle the pure awesomeness one emits when rocking a mustache.

edit: Hadn't had a drop of alcohol in that picture, just look it.


Dudes, I was working at a restaurant and decided to fuck around and have a handlebar mustache. Funny as shit, especially since it had a couple bare spots where things didn't grow in perfectly. Anyways, the GM comes in and makes me shave it in the middle of my shift.

Dry (only water). 1-blade razor.

Not only did my tables witness me go from handlebar to clean in about 10 minutes but I was bleeding pretty bad and had razor burn for the next few hours. No one at my tables said a damn thing though...


Holy, Homo-stache, Batman.


oh man thats terrible!

Handlebars are pretty awesome. Last time I had mine I was in this store and helped this frantic mom find her 2 year old daughter who was lost in the store. She was running through the store yelling the little girls name almost half crying and I came around the corner and said "is she the little blonde girl pushing the stroller? Cause she's over on isle 12" and the mom was really thankful but kind of looked at me weird... afterwards I realized it was the mustache that really threw her off... 100% true story


hahaha really? Sotally Tober in that pic?


Sorry to burst your bubble bro, but that is not a handlebar stache'. That's a Fu Man Chu.
This pic of Rollie is a Handlebar.




Sorry greg, but everyone knows that bears are superior to mustaches. The only exceptions are if you're a 70s porn star or Burt Reynolds.


Still waiting for that funny story I was promised.

@Nate - I've seen some pretty nasty dry shaves in formation, when there was one stray whisker poking out and a motivated Corporal in your face. But some faggot restaurant GM telling you to shave, you should have slaughtered him.


With all due respect, Greg... that 'stache is just one step away from Freddie Mercury.
Manly, yes. Straight man, no.



There's quite a bit of mustache hate going on in this thread.

Mustaches are sweet cause A. They make you look bad ass and B. They're also pretty funny looking. I mean really. What a combo!

Print- yeah I've heard the handlebars vs Fu man chu debate quite a bit but I like the sound of H bars better than Fu man chu so I stick with that but good point. Dualy noted.

Advanced- man I really hate you some times.... And now
I'm hungry for wings!!!

Haavik- yeah I know "bears" are sweet and you should have seen my attempts at a combat beard when I was on deployment... Really patchy and white trash like... So somewhat out of nessecity I became a Stache man instead.

ID- well...... You said "with all due respect" so teres nothing I can really say about your comment


I only sport the stash as part of a beard.



Stache alone = gay.

Beard alone = ghey, or Amish, or Abe Lincoln

Stache and beard combo = manly WIN!




Village People Biker Guy APPROVES of this thread!


Mustache Pro's and Con's

You look awesome
If it's cold outside it'll keep your upper lip warm
Chicks dig it
Magnum PI had a mustache
The hardcore look helps you set PRs in the gym
Maybe if you were eating something particularly delicious you might inadvertadly save some for later and at a low point in the day might thank your mustache for that surprise little treat

Ummmmm can't think of any?
Is being so awesome that nearly every girl who sees you is instantly attracted to you considered a con?