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Official Licensed 5/3/1 Log App?


Hey Jim,

Is there an official 5/3/1 Log app? I see several on the Google Play Store. But, if there isn’t an official one or one approved by you then I won’t use them. Just looking for an app where I can keep a log. FYI I have just read the book. I’ve seen before where you’ve mentioned in the past your dislike for an app is that people will do dumb things without reading your book. If that’s the case, surely there must be a way to have something created that is exclusive to book purchaser’s? Just a thought, not my business though.

Thanks Jim, your work is great and I have a world of respect for you.


No app.

Get an actual notebook, a training log is the best book you will ever read.


i used the “Wendler Log” by Vandersoft for about 8 months. its great and easy to use when you are starting 5/3/1, however its not very flexible so once you get into some of the Beyond templates i ditched it and bought myself a log book and built a template on excel. the choice is yours.


Thanks for the reply. Is it flexible enough to program using with the boring but big template for assistance lifts?


Vandersoft makes money out of other people’s work. Not just Jim. Everyone they can get their hands on.

Not only should you not download this shit, you should bitch slap anybody you see using it.


HAHA. That’s fair enough. Dunno if I’ll be bitch slappin people. But I can certainly not download an app that steals from others hard work.


I used excel and printed 4 weeks on a single page. Not hard.


I haven’t seen anyone else mention using it on the forums that I read, but I use StrengthMark in iOS. I don’t know if they have an Android app. It’s not a “5/3/1” app per se, but it does allow you to use a percentage training max, setup your workouts based on percentage of training max, and it can keep a record of rep maxes PRs. I’m betting that they built it to work with 5/3/1. You could also customize to any program. I have used it with GSLP in the past as well.


There is not. The only people who use apps are the ones that don’t respect the process. This is because the BEST training book you will ever read is your training log. Obviously it has your numbers in it, but your notes and observations about each training day. If you want to be amazing and aren’t the most talented, smartest person ever in training, you need to do this.

Like I said, if you want to get better and wish to be more than a trender, you will keep a training log. If not, I don’t really care what you do.