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Official Iraq Strategy Document

Swamped at the moment, but I wanted to note that the White House’s Iraq Strategy Document as been released:


And might I say, it’s about time the administration started making a positive case for its actions. [NOTE: I should have phrased this differently - this isn’t new information to people who’ve been paying attention, but they need to emphasize it and make their reasoning front-and-center]

Some of you who actually read a blog post I linked earlier:


or my own reasoning that I set out in response to Prof X on harris447’s “Iraqi Casualties” thred, might see a few similarities.

It’s a step in the right direction

I have not gotten through the whole thing yet, but an interesting read. One thing that has long frustrated me about the administration is that while many bloggers and such have a clear notion of what needs to be done to win in Iraq, it takes the White House far too long to eventually state it position (for better or for worse) clearly. I’m just glad that there is at least [i]something[/i] like this NSC strategy which shows thought being given as to what success means, what the challenges are and how do we achieve success in light of those challenges.


It’s been a mystery to me why the WH hasn’t come out forcefully on this topic – both to highlight its plan (Yes, it has a plan!) and to highlight the status of both our operations there and the continued improvements within the country. It’s amazing to me that you see so many positive emails and blogs and whatnot coming from actual Iraqi veterans, while the WH hasn’t seen fit to engage itself in explaining to the public what is happening. When all people read about in the major media are naked body counts and torture stories for years, you can see how support would drop.