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Official FOX News Thread


For 3 reasons.

1, It will aggravate the snot outta the libs here =]

  1. They are having some really good stuff lately.

  2. It'll give me some test traffic on this pretty much development (at least for me) site.

I'll start with a great short interview by Neil Cavuto of Daniel Hannan about tea parties starting in England now. How bout that?


I may even take requests if given notice as I'd have to set the computer up beforehand and would need time to edit and recompress the stream.


Here's Beck's show from today:



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that isnt a tea party, thats one guy giving a lecture, if it was serious he would have been speaking to the bbc and our broadsheets and getting his message out to us - why is the first time i have heard about this guy through you from an american news channel?


Anyone watching John Stossel on Fox Business News. Last few weeks he has covered The Road To Serfdom, Government run schools, and the FDA and DEA (Who owns my body?). Really good nutrition for the libertarian minded conservative


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There are some more that are pretty attractive, but this pic about sums it up. It's also another reason I like fox: they make news entertaining. It's not just some bland msnbc/cnn crap. And I'll be damned if it isn't the conservative news channel that knows sex(iness) sells. How many lead-ins or teasers on fox do you see that have something to do with scantily clad women or the like? I think it's fucking brilliant.


Wow. That puts a whole new twist on "Tic, Tac, Toe," doesn't it?


more objectivity, maybe I should listen to it :slight_smile:


You might hurt yourself.


Oh yeah. It just came on again and reminded me that I posted it the other day and forgot to link it here. An actually very good Hannity hour about the film Generation Zero.



nice, thx for sharing.


Don't forget that Bill O'Reilly often brings out world's sexiest geek Marlina Orlova once in a while (the hotforwords.com chick also popular on youtube).

Yeah...I've noticed that Fox News definitely picks some really extraordinary beauties...not just pretty girls, but stop and drop your jaw high sex appeal get in fights for no good reason beautiful type women...


Thanks, Tiribulis.

It's interesting how Hannity tried to make the economic mess some sort of unholy alliance between big business and the Democrats.

The film makers didn't let that pass. They essentially said:

1) No...the GOP is not without fault and

2) This is more an incumbancy/systemic problem...not simply a party one.



Check out Fox Business News. A lot of eye candy.


Ah yes, nubile blonds -- what better way to deliver propaganda?

Watching the news on cable TV will turn you into a bumbling idiot.

For your own health and mental well being I urge you to turn to other outlets for information.

I use Google News to return searches on topics that are useful to me and I have them sent daily into my inbox. I also rely on word of mouth (PWI threads, for example) and if something of interest comes up I may research it further -- but usually not. I contribute less than 15 minutes in the first part of my day to "becoming better informed" by reading news headlines. I have found that I have indeed become better informed in the areas of life that are important to me. I pay attention enough to stay aware of things that might affect me and the rest I let other people worry about since I can do little to change it anyway.

Plus, now I have more time to focus on the important stuff.


It's the result of an unholy nanny state leftist progressive ideology practiced by both parties, but to an enormously greater degree by the democrats.

I don't care about parties. I care about principles. I know this isn't the first time you've read me saying that. You and anyone else may from here on out interpret every single syllable I type in that light. If you see me praising a republican, it will be because in that instance he is to whatever degree I'm praising him, espousing a principle I agree with. Same with democrats for that matter though that will undoubtedly be less often. Same with criticism as well. I have loudly condemned republicans many times here. It's always about principle. I started a thread about the lack of wisdom in the tea party even though I agree with much of what they say.

In my very very first post in this forum ever referencing Barack Obama I said EXACTLY then what I am still saying now because 2 years earlier I had already learned just about everything I ever needed to know about him. What is it going to take my friend? WHAT?, before you finally man up and concede that this guy is consciously and at his core antagonistic to the principles that made this nation great. You don't ever need to bother telling me I was right. I knew that a long time ago =] I'm talking about for you. You cannot credibly ride that fence any longer. If you DO NOT believe that Barack Obama is at his core antagonistic to historic American principles, I'll still like you, but you are either ignorant, deluded or both.

FOX is the one and only major news outfit that shines any kind of light on the darkness that is DC. Hence this thread. BTW, tonight they aired footage of an ABC reporter demonstrating the arrogant smugness of Jim Bunning. Also I do get information from all over, but FOX has a huge audience and is far and away the most solid of the big outlets.


WRONG Trib. Any ones whos studied economics will tell you that fluctuations are part of life when dealing with the free market. Its a FREE market, it doesn't just produce good things you know. In addition too much of you focus on macroeco news and that somehow if you have GDP growth and no debt your society is going to be any better and happier. I know you libertarians dont give a shit about the corruption that goes on in Wall Street or the massive amount of drug that are coming into your country. Wonder what you thought of Katrina and the California bush fires.

AND YES: Shepard Smith is gay and fox news babes have no tits! I like Bill O'Reilly though.


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The drinking age in NZ is 18. You can also get into clubs at 18. So...yea I pretty much schooled you on every front now...