Official Cycle Ready To Go!

Ok I am going to be doing a 10 week test cypionate cycle with a 3 week superdrol kickstart. along with Nolvadex as pct!

Test Cyp.

Weeks 1-10 250 mg twice a week Monday morning and Thursday evening


Weeks 1-3 10/10/20

Nolvadex pct.

week 14-18 40/40/20/20

Along with my regular protein creatine glutamine Cellucore C4 an Green Coffee extract Throughout the whole cycle.

Now i need to find Syringes i am having a hell of a time finding them but thats all i need to get my cycle started.

My starting stats are as following:

Weight:210 lbs.
Biceps: 16.5 in.
Waist: 37 in.
Neck: 16 in.

This will be my second cycle. My first cycle was Superdrol kickstart an 8 weeks of Test E. with no pct which was very stupid of me but considering i was 19 at the time an wrestling in high school i wanted to be the best im sure you know how that goes. Anyways i did get mild gyno from that cycle but this time i am prepared with a pct. an i will be getting some arimidex just incase!

I will post photos wtih this log once i start this cycle. In 2 weeks will be my start. So any info would be great thanks everyone!

You can find syringes all over the interwebs

So everyone thinks this is a good second cycle to add a few pounds of lean mass?

The cycle seems fine, but I have no experience with superdrol.

The thing I notice is you seem pretty chunky for your height. 210 at 5’7" with a skinny neck and moderate arms. Get a realistic assessment of your BF% and spend a couple of months on diet and cardio. If you are chunky as you sound you are going to blimp up. Your cycle will greatly benefit from starting leaner.

Just google for syringes or use ebay or try a local needle exchange. It’s not hard.

[quote]Datri24 wrote:
So everyone thinks this is a good second cycle to add a few pounds of lean mass?[/quote]

You need to go and read up a bit more before touching steroids again. If you got mild gyno from the last cycle then you should be running an ai with that cycle. And if you don’t know what that is or why you need it then I would seriously consider leaving the gear alone until you have some idea what you re doing.