Official 2021 T-ransformation Announcement Thread

In a bag waiting to be shipped out for donation, the final pic at maximum flow. Got a new job and I can’t argue with short hair for a more convenient morning routine.

There was a guy at my old job who called me Samson because of that (I think that’s who you’re referencing anyway).

I’ll try not to take offense as I am a bit (lot) weaker now

Edited for biblical reasons, can’t be blasphemous on JC’s birthday



You did a great thing man. Good on you


Yes, Samson. Delilah cut his hair and turned him over to the enemy. Which he eventually killed.


No worries. Hope it will make someone very happy.

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If I don’t go ahead and post, I am going to talk myself out it. The likelyhood of anything changing in 5 months is slim to none, but I am going to do the work anyway, so why not. Weiging in at 130. Heaviest I have ever started this thing.

And one just for fun


Fantastic, CL. If nothing changes, it’s a genuine win. If you improve, it’s icing on the cake.


I do like icing…lol

You look outstanding! Great work

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Lol. Mmmmmuusssttt keep going.


Alright here we go. Not sure there will be much of a transformation but I’ll add these just to keep myself accountable.


Is it me or you’re leaner? We can see the nice V line abs (aka the “cum gutters”)

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I have actually dropped a couple of kilos. It’s all the fkn dog walking. I am trying to gain weight but just not eating enough

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You poor, poor man!


76.6 kg / 169 lb

I gotta be honest, I was expecting to be in a worse shape after two months of no gym. Let’s see how I do from here to June.


What are your plans? Adding or subtracting?

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Don’t worry dude, I’ve been eating enough for both of us.


It’s hard to make plans right now without knowing when gyms will open. I heard a rumor that there’s a possibility of them opening again by January 15th, and that’d be a pretty optimistic scenario.

Under that hypothesis, a course of action I’m considering is starting with some body recomposition. I think I’m eligible for that, as things stand. I’ll try and hover at around my current weight (or whatever I’ll weigh once I being executing the plan), trying to gain back some of the muscle I lost, while possibly getting rid of some of the extra fat I’m carrying. Something like 2,100-2,400 calories a day, with high protein (>200 g). Training-wise, I’m dying to try Meadows’ Highly Evolutionary program. In fact, I have been wanting to try that one out since October!

I wanted to use it for muscle gain purely, but I figured a good program is always a good program, no matter whether you’re purely trying to gain weight or gain back your muscle.

I’ll run that for 6 weeks and re-assess. My plan would be to get back in shape and then transition to a more mass-gain oriented phase by March, and keep that going until begin of June. Afterwards, I’ll probably move onto a fat loss phase, but a lot of things will have happened by then, and the challenge will be over too, so it’s not worth talking about now (or planning in advance that much, for that matter).

For now, I’d be extremely happy even just to be able to get back into the gym. I’m sick of dips and pullups and I’m dying to get back to benching, rowing, pulling, and God forbid, even squatting.


I’ll join in. I’ve gained back about 6-7 of the 60-65 lbs I have lost post Covid and pneumonia.


I’m in. Went through something pretty…bad I’ll say recently. Not in the best head space, but I’d like join anyways.


Here is my before picture @Chris_Colucci.

Weight is 85.9kg at 5’ 9.5’’. I have eaten like a pig these last few days and I’m super bloated but it makes a good before picture.

Plan is to continue gaining or at least maintaining weight until 18th January when I attempt to bench press 100kg then dieting until June.

I’ve never got a vote in this thing before but this year I’m aiming for top 3.