Official 2021 T-ransformation Announcement Thread

Appreciate all the kind words. Shame I am doing everything sub-optimally though, haha.

I will say I am not moving as much weight as I was at my heaviest, but I am doing well enough.


You don’t get it–this is a transformation challenge. So unless @T3hPwnisher is going to transform into Big Ramy, he’s gonna lose for sure! In fact, given his starting point, I’m predicting he comes in last!


I definitely wanted to put myself behind the 8 ball. I do better with adversity.

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Thanks instead of feeling like a fat turd I now only feel like a poop nugget.

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I don’t want to derail this, but kinda want to test a theory:
@T3hPwnisher and @kleinhound neither of you disgustingly lean monsters counts calories, right? You “just” run marathons while deadlifting Buicks and let hunger handle the rest?


I am in. Going to be 50 this May and really want to get my abs showing. At least the top four. I am thinking 20lbs loss would do it, but I realize its easy to underestimate how much we need to lose.


I don’t rely on hunger at all. I have a voracious appetite: I’ve only been fully twice in my life. If I relied on hunger, I’d be quite fat.

I pretty much eat no carbs, and that makes nutrition really simple. With only 2 macros to manipulate, the only real thing I have to focus on is dietary fat intake. If I need to lose weight, I eat less fat. Need to gain? Eat more. I got the leanest I had ever been by basically eliminating all saturated fat from my diet. Had some undesirable side effects, so now I’m choosing good saturated fat sources but still keeping it on the low side.


Thanks for the detail! With the “hunger” comment, I more meant you sucked it up than ate when you’re hungry. I’m similar that I can just eat forever. It’s where calorie-counting has helped me, similar to you eliminating a macronutrient, because I have something I can control that’s not related to how I feel. That said, you gents are leaner and stronger than me, and I’m hungry either way, so I’m intrigued by the idea of experimenting with not having to do daily arithmetic because it makes my Sesame Street brain happy.


I definitely took the bulk the last six months too far. But Im stronger than I’ve been in a long while.

So this year my goal is to walk 2021 miles. Weekly Im looking to hit 40 to give me a buffer. Adding a weighted vest as well.

Going to add the PLP program by Dr. Waterbury for the first wave.

Diet? Well…we’ll see. Im more interested in completing the program I’ve outlined. I failed at that last year.


I think that anyone that can go through a death in the family, and still have a desire to improve on themselves, be a mother of four, a working professional, is in shape somewhere that’s pretty important and very far away from suck.

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Hey fella, I definitely don’t count calories on a daily basis, but what I might do is see what the total macros are for my planned weekly meals but very basically, so if I’m having 5x buffalo chicken salads, 5x chicken pesto pasta and an OJ shake each morning then I know I’m getting about 170g protein per day etc.

If I’m trying to get super lean I’ll eat less carbs
If I’m trying to focus on size and performance I’ll eat more carbs.

I used to be super focused on hitting all macros and what my bf% was but I’m a little older and a little wiser in some areas, so now I just go by feel and what I look like in the mirror


In your pic, it’s hard to see the phone at first glance and I thought it was a cool dance move you were doing.


Dude I thought the exact same thing!!! I was like well that’s an odd pose for this kinda challenge. Took me forever to see the phone :joy:

So the phone is so damn big that I cant grip it right and take a pic…

It’s a pain.

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Awesome - thank you.

I’m at the “start limiting cheat meals” phase… which is to say I’m thinking about starting to diet… so I’ll see how I go for the next few weeks

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Just a friendly reminder that you’re already lean @aldebaran

I did wanna add that, funny enough, I find carbs more important when I’m LOSING fat vs gaining muscle. It’s something I’ve written about in my log. I bought a bunch of carb sources before I started my current muscle gain phase program of training thinking I was gonna need them, and the need hasn’t popped up. Minus a 100 calorie pack of oatmeal that I’ll eat on my squat training day (which is like 19g of carbs), I don’t eat any direct carb sources. Meanwhile, when I was losing fat, I NEEDED my pre-workout carb meal before squat and deadlift day. My hypothesis is that, since I’m eating more food in total, I’m getting enough trace carbs from things like greek yogurt and nuts that I’m not dealing with glycogen managament issues. When I was losing fat, I woudl be dead by the time squat and deadlift day rolled around, and the carbs seemed to go a long way.


Aiming to get shredded!

Time to be a homo like me and buy a pop socket (used it typing this :joy:)