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Official 2021 T-ransformation Announcement Thread

Looking forward to seeing how that turns out! Will be following for sure.

Yeah I’m in. Need a kick in the ass. Been saying I’m starting a cut for 3 months. And I’m not gaining strength anyway, haven’t in years. Especially not this year with gym closed, and a least for a few more months. So let’s get lean


I’m a bit on the fence, but I’m probably in


Are you calling into air traffic control or something?

I am not.

Sorry I didn’t mean for that to sound glib. I was curious what you meant. Health issues or wifey or something?

Dealing with the docs. Got put on a statin for 3 months to bring down LDL, got it down, now living without the statin until Jan to see if I can keep the LDL down without meds. If that’s proves to be viable, then I can pursue some weight gain. If doc gets pissed about my bloodwork in Jan and insists I get back on the statin, I’ll have to deal with getting a second opinion and all that goes with it, because I don’t wanna get back on meds, which will mean having to keep my bodyweight down and diet super clean until we get to that conclusion.

When my LDL was clocked as high, it was while I was moving up a weight class, and though I’ve learned how to eat better since that time, purposefully pursuing increased bodyweight won’t do my bloodwork any favors. It’s just “beating the tape” at this point.


Similar boat, in terms of blood markers and goals for me, but I’m still too fat so it’s actually in my favor.

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Ah. I can sympathize. I was first prescribed a statin at 23 years old (the first time I had mine checked on one of the instant read meters, that only measures total cholesterol, it wouldn’t give me a number because the device didn’t measure that high). You probably don’t want a big advice column, but if your doc is mainly looking at total LDL as the reason for a statin, I’d go ahead and get a new doc anyway. Sounds like we are in similar boats though. It’s why I lost all that weight years back and why I’ve kept my bodyweight down since then.

Yeah, it’s why if I can’t get him off my back with this measurement I’ll seek a second opinion. As much as I don’t like to play “WebMD”, I’ve read enough to at least be able to THINK there is more under the hood than just the numbers.

Sorry for the derail on the thread @Chris_Colucci

On the bright side, cutting normally wins these things anyway. I’m actually in good position for once. I’m as heavy as I have been in years and working on strength for quite a while. Going back to more bodybuilding training and cutting should have some pretty good effects.

I’m in again. I got covid and I’m recovering. After 2 months of house arrest, I got a nice chocolate-beer-pasta belly. Time to get in shape!


I’m a bit on the fence at this point too. Just got out of the hospital after a bout of really bad stuff followed by several days of other bad stuff, so I’m gonna have to consult with my doc once all of the dust settles.

I’ll still be exercising and trying to make the best of what I’m dealing with, but I’m at a real crossroad of life right now.


Oh no! Hope you get things straightened out and give it hell!

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Hope you’re ok, or as ok as you can be

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I will.

Thanks. :+1:

I am. Realistically, everything past June of '19 is like bonus life.


Sending well wishes to you brother!

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I’m another person being on the fence, but was considering joining in for solidarity and having as my goal “health”. Like, I can be in the T-ransformation challenge and not do things to win it if it’s at odds with my wellbeing.


Yeah. You don’t have to be a frontrunner to use the heard to be safe from the lions right?


Haha, I like that analogy. “Don’t be worst” :stuck_out_tongue: