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Official 2021 T-ransformation Announcement Thread

Look at the fucking pythons on this dude

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I forgot what weight I started at. Think I said 175ish? Around there. Clocked in at 185 this morning. I haven’t changed much appearance-wise, but I’ve come to find I’ve always been really self conscious of how wide my shoulders are, but as of late I like my wide shoulders. A lat spread with more muscle and less fat in the future would be devastating.

And I’ve been going through a lot personally, but still making it to the gym, going hard in the paint for some hours, and then receiving a bunch of support from many on here, and it’s been great really.


And delts. I can see your delts!!!

congrats on an impressive transformation.

There’s some great stuff here people!

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Mean freakin quads.

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I dont think there is any part of you that doesn’t breathe power.

I wouldn’t fight you, and I’m not afraid of very many women. :grinning:


This could be a winner


There is only a 2.4lb difference between photos, but I’ve managed to hit a few lifetime PRs over the last few months and have increased my training frequency, intensity and volume from the comfort zone that I had settled into for training.


Long story short, I crapped out and stopped being consistent in exercising. I had a couple hurdles thrown at me, but I still could’ve done better.

On a positive note, I improved my diet, mostly by reducing weekly sugar and bread intake, and I acquainted myself with different training methods.

Perhaps next year, I’ll shoot for most improved. Thanks for the competition, T-Nation, @Chris_Colucci, and all y’all who make this site what it is :slight_smile:


I think recognizing this is a great step forward. The real question is how to fix it ? What strategies can you use so that the next 5 months aren’t the same as the last. If you want some inspiration for simple home training that is hard work and done in such a short time there are literally no excuses then check out what @ChongLordUno is up to in his log.


To be fair I don’t punch hard at all because I’ve never had to punch hard lol.

I can grapple like hell though. Granted I lose every time, but the point is I made someone work for the win lol.

My mom saw me one day when I got home from swimming, and was like, “Whoever decides to try to kidnap you is going to probably have to kill you, once they realize you’ll probably kill them.”

It was a joke, but Inside I was kind of like…hmmm…I guess that’s a good thing? Lol

I also laugh every time close friends try to pick me up, and struggle every time lol.


Wow man you absolute maniac

You are looking insane. Top work all round @littlesleeper my man


That’s an incredible visual difference for a couple pounds


Agree, when I saw it I thought that’s worthy of a vote


Great work, @planetcybertron !

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great work everyone!

forgot to take an after before going on vacation… this is week two of enjoying great food…:slight_smile: will get better pics up in the August check in.

got down to 13.7% bf a few weeks ago, missing my goal of below 12%. gym where only open for 6 weeks during this transformation… kept the goal but am extending the time. back to diet again next week.


Finished product is up: The T-ransformation 2021 Results

We set an all-time high for finishing percentage with just over 75% of people who started it coming through to the end and an all-time high for year-to-year repeaters. I think we’re finally getting the hang of this thing. :wink:

Great work, all around. Like I said a while back, we had some guys start in great shape and get better but we also had a bunch of people start off rocky and pull it together. Really great to see.

time to vote

Just don’t forget to vote twice… once for this year’s transformation and once for the 2020 to 2021 Most Improved.

For whatever reason, the second category tends to get fewer total votes. Probably something about people not caring about down-ballot elections, but, c’mon, your comptroller matters (probably) and so does the Most Improved category.

Voting ends first thing Monday morning (figure it basically ends Sunday night), so get 'em in there.


Yeah it’s been fucking awesome to see so many people see it through this year!


Crossing the finish line after the race has ended (but before the stands have cleared …)

Not a disaster on the “do no harm” front. But stated goals far from met. Worked hard in the gym. Not so much in the kitchen. See you in August.