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Official 2021 T-ransformation Announcement Thread

Alright. Alright.

@cyclonengineer maybe we test run a thread? I’d need to take some more votes though.

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I fall more in line in Class C. If I’m “Instagramming” it with angles and poses, I can fake a stripper butt. From the side at least.

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I have very prominent hip dips and way too much inner thigh fat

I have dips as well, but they’re hardly noticeable at this point. Ive got inner thigh meat too. To the point where it’ll shred the inner part of my jeans when walking. I usually just wear stretchy material since it’s sleek on the inner seams.

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Can T nation keep it civil? Let’s find out.

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It is done

Now we watch and observe

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Thanks Simo! Still have lots of work to do.

Thank you! It was the only body part I DIDN’T train. :sob::sob::sob::sob:

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Thanks Edgy! Someday, I will figure this out.

Ok, here is my photo - @Chris_Colucci

I had hoped that entering this would provide some motivation for really dieting down. It did not. I lost a couple of kilos and that was that. Entered as a fat bastard and finished as slightly stronger fat bastard.

On the plus side, I am slowly finding my groove training wise, becoming a bit stronger - which at this point in my life, seems more important than aesthetics.

To paraphrase the classic GoT quote: “I drink beer and I lift, that is what I do”


Here are my finishing pics- weighing in at 174lbs this morning. I’ve bounced back about 3lbs in the last month, but still happy with the end result.

I actually started dieting back at the start of November, but annoyingly didn’t think to take pictures at that point for comparison…

The goal for next year is to finish with a similar leanness, but bigger!


@Chris_Colucci this is my official after pic.
It’s a couple days old, I hoped to grab something better since then but it’s not in the cards.

My T-ransformation: I lost a few pounds of fat, then gained a few back of muscle. Learned how to train much harder than before by following some inspirational logs here. Stuck to a simple, stupid, brutal progression plan focused on 2 lifts, maintained conditioning, and got in “bonus work” when possible. Gave up beer completely. Eating over a pound of meat and 4 eggs per day, and generally no direct carb sources.
Crippling tendonitis is reduced to a minor occasional nag.
Hit multiple PRs including a 135lb press, a lifetime goal; a 20-rep front squat at 115lbs, and a 195lb front squat single.
Outside of the gym:
Strove for and got a massive promotion at work. Welcomed my 4th child.

So its been a great 5 months, and I’m indebted to the awesome community here in numerous ways.

What’s next? I don’t know! Working on figuring that out now.

Edit: better add this one too, you can see a little more quadriceps, but idk if its better.


Not to detract from all your training related success, but a huge congrats for these two accomplishments!


Calling it now. Nowhere near as much difference as I hoped, but still some improvement. Went from 220 to 195 and currently sitting at 200. Have set either a single or rep PR 6 of my last 8 training sessions and am very happy with that. Will likely try and keep dropping weight through summer to hopefully hit 185-190 before going into a mass/strength phase. This has been awesome motivation seeing everyone in here kicking ass.


@Chris_Colucci I’m done!
I’m still 6’5", still the same waist, weight, and bicep size. My weight went up to 244 and is now back to 238. I made several breakthroughs in lifting and had a lot of fun with this thread. I also discovered different nut butters and flourless bread! Put some personal stories and faces to usernames.

I feel like my my midsection has less fat, I’ll do another dexa end of next month to confirm. I think I have more definition through the chest and shoulders. It’s hard to say, one day I look in the mirror and I’m like YEAH, and then another day I look and see nothing. The left is current (May 30th).


You’re not alone here. I’m hoping tomorrow is one of the good days so I can take my after photo.


The key here isn’t whether or not you can see a visible difference but more that you made a commitment to something and you followed through. it is very hard to make a significant change in a short timeline unless you are on a dramatic cut or weight loss drive. Stay the course mate and see the changes in the long term.


Only really was consistent with diet and exercise March and April. Honestly just happy I look better and didn’t eat 2 pints of ice cream every night. Finished our new house, moved (in may), started traveling for work again and, finally, had 9 court hearings/trials since April. It’s been a fucking year. Yesterday was first real workout in a month.


Great stuff brother!

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This is my finish pic. Down 13lbs to 202lb.