Official 2021 T-ransformation Announcement Thread

Awesome - thank you.

I’m at the “start limiting cheat meals” phase… which is to say I’m thinking about starting to diet… so I’ll see how I go for the next few weeks

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Just a friendly reminder that you’re already lean @aldebaran

I did wanna add that, funny enough, I find carbs more important when I’m LOSING fat vs gaining muscle. It’s something I’ve written about in my log. I bought a bunch of carb sources before I started my current muscle gain phase program of training thinking I was gonna need them, and the need hasn’t popped up. Minus a 100 calorie pack of oatmeal that I’ll eat on my squat training day (which is like 19g of carbs), I don’t eat any direct carb sources. Meanwhile, when I was losing fat, I NEEDED my pre-workout carb meal before squat and deadlift day. My hypothesis is that, since I’m eating more food in total, I’m getting enough trace carbs from things like greek yogurt and nuts that I’m not dealing with glycogen managament issues. When I was losing fat, I woudl be dead by the time squat and deadlift day rolled around, and the carbs seemed to go a long way.


Aiming to get shredded!

Time to be a homo like me and buy a pop socket (used it typing this :joy:)

Ok, I’m in. Here’s how I look this morning:

I started a new training log (Antiquity's Training Log: Just plugging away - #2 by antiquity). I started Tactical Barbell today, and will be running that for my “awesome” transformation. Good luck to everyone.


4 days off lifting + lots of fast food + alcohol + poor sleep and I look terrible, so that’s great for the T-ransformation challenge. Weight: 87 kgs and some grams


The best transformation of all would be if that goddamn mirror got fixed.


I thought that was a huge spider on your mirror in the last pic. Between insects and the dance move of an earlier pic, this will be an interesting transformation contest.


I think maybe you planned this drinking thing, this is not how you ordinarily look. Reverse water cut lol.

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It’s not like drinking is exceptionnal for me. I think it’s more the other factors, too much junk food for too long that finally caught me. Also sleep has been poor for 3-4 days.

But I bet in a week I’ll look way better already (unless I’m getting too destroyed for New year’s Eve)

Well, I don’t think there is any better time than now to post a before. I don’t look too different than the end of last transformation, but I’m up a couple lbs. Weighed 215 before bed last night, so maybe 210-211 in the morning?

Plan is to continue maintaining/slowly gaining weight and get stronger/break PRs and hopefully bust through a pressing plateau after I meet my deadlift goal.

Edit: my hands are dirty as hell in the pic. Just got out of work lol.


I’m in. Starting weight is right at 200. Plan is just to get lean and submit after pics whenever I’ve gotten as lean as I like which shouldn’t take 6 months.


@loganator you in?

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Here we go

Clocked in at 220.1 just now. Down from my high of 283 back in March. See if I can get some of that weight back in quality mass, and not be a fat fuck.



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Thanks my dude, hopefully the pure unfiltered chaos of my life this last year continues to pay off

No doubt you’ll crush it mate

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Hehe, leg pic looks silly but… At least I have some indication I train legs more often than what my sport dictates.


Just play the genetics card!