Official 2020 T-ransformation Announcement Thread

I’ll be in like Flynn

Why the hell not. I am in.

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Im in. Gotta feeling things will go way better this time

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So, the spirit of the thing is still Jan 1 to June 1.

I changed the language in the initial post a little bit regarding the Before pic because there were some issues previously with people being away for New Year’s and not being able to get a pic on the first, or people noticing the challenge after and thinking it was “too late” to enter.

That’s why I reworded it to: ‘“Before” pics should be submitted as close as possible to January 1", instead of the previous years’: ‘Before” pics must be submitted no later than 11:59pm EST January 1.’

We’re two weeks out at this point. It might not break the bank one way or the other, so if it’s really as close as you can get to the official start, it should be fine unless someone raises an issue.

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My bad man. I’ll update my post closer to the time. If it makes it any better I’ll probably be submitting my after pictures way early as well :joy:. No way I’m dieting for 6 months

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That’s not necessarily a bad thing. MarkKO, for example, did pretty much that in 2018 while attacking his strength goals.

And, not for nothing, but you could use the size.


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How ironic, I got butthurt in 2019 when Chris used my proper pictures.


I don’t want these CHEATERS getting a head start! Matter of fact, all before pictures must be taken while holding a newspaper from that day with your username and last 4 of your social written on it.

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Gonna look worse in 2 weeks :joy:

No real advantage to getting in a week early. The rest if us have the Christmas holidays to really fatten up before we start our transformation !!

Good advantage for the 1 year category though which is where I have my focus. What’s the point of friendly competition without strict adherence to extremely competitive rules?

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With the 1 year category isn’t it based on the finished article hence we all have the exact same amount of possible time …1 year ? If the end pics were 2 weeks after the cut off, that would be a different story !

Is it? I always assumed the 1 year challenge was mid 2019- mid 2020 so any photo now is irrelevant?

If you spent summer and fall gaining weight and plan to lose weight AND you want to do well in the 6 month challenge you’d get a 2 week head start by taking your fat pics now.

If the only focus is 1 year then you’re right. What was I mad about again?

LOl no idea I have forgotten how this started.

I’m in. Guess I have to start lifting again.

Well I just weighed in at 296, so I have my work cut out for me but in.

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added this pic on my log. Does this count as a before. LMAO


I’m in, I know this isnt really a weight loss is more for transformations rather than weight loss. I need something to help keep me motivated. 20191218_211230|276x500 I am currently 118.7kgs I started at 156.6kgs earlier this year. I hope to drop another 20kgs by june of this year.

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