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Official 2019 T-ransformation Announcement Thread



But as you are the first person to put up a pic, you are wining the transformation !! Lol


Here’s my before pic. Now time to kick ass!


Imao I didnt want to be the first one posting ty man haha.


Before pic. Weight 176lbs. Height 5ft 8. Age 16. Fat unknown.


Before pic


I’m 16 so I got so much extra test to mess around with mauahahhahahah. And I’m a noob so I still got some gains to go before I start slowing down haha. I can only imagine how hard it is to put on muscle for giants like flipcollar.


I’m seeing a whole bunch of start pics that look like after shots. I’ll leave my fat pics till later in the week !!


Damn the average starting point of people posting so far is much leaner than in years past… we gonna end up with some shredded mufuckers in here


Well my starting point feels a lot like this:

Of course, given how Rob McElhenney looks in series 13 of Always Sunny that bodes reasonably well.


I’m cultivating mass!


Do it.


Definitely some solid before pics rolling in. It’s on now.

Anyone lurking, definitely don’t get bummed out or discouraged by these guys’ pics already. It’s about the transformation and the change, not just the starting point.



Plus don’t forget some people will not be looking to get leaner but actually gain weight for the after pics. It’s hard to make that look drastic over the short time period available so the weight loss transformations always look more impressive.


Well fuck all of you guys…


195 lbs this morning. Abs fully flexed. 34.5 inch waist. I have been ‘cultivating mass’ for 6 months.
IMG_2769 IMG_2770


To be fair, that would have more oomph if you weren’t also one of the guys coming into this thing leaner than ever.


You funny!


Pfft, my “leaner” is still 20% bf…


Some of us old dudes would be happy to see 20% again :joy:


Age is just a number brosuf… one bite, one rep, one day at a time. Make yourself kill it! @simo74