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Official 2019 T-ransformation Announcement Thread



A lot of people just wear boxers and show leg. More because they’ll get flamed for no legs than the rules of the contest. Just like the physique threads if you leave legs out.


Yes. Wheels are important!


Short spandex shorts! :laughing:

I just go with boxer briefs.


Something like this will suffice


Oh man! :joy::joy::joy:


Just wear a single sock.




Just wear this


Thread just got weird


What’s weird is it says “as seen on TV.”
On what channel did that make an appearance?


Not seen Lmao


Pretty sure that’s not seen on TV. Your way was funnier though.


Reading is tough


The night I decide to check in here, I see a Christmas gift wrapped dick. Thanks guys. Thanks.


‘Tis the season


Wait what happens when you become soft, does it like fall of or something? Imagine your in public and your cock sock falls of…


I’m imagining it, and it’s no more embarrassing than walking around in public with a gift wrapped erection.


Lol better add Viagra to the supplement stack if you’re going to wear it in public or be pretty damn confident with what you got. If nothing else just wear shorts or jeans, put a cucumber in it and walk around like that. Then theres no worries of it going soft and a huge confidence booster from all the stares :joy:


Natural lighting you son of a bitch


∆ before pics, as of two minutes ago


You’re not winning any friends…