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Official 2019 T-ransformation Announcement Thread



I’m gonna destroy the most improved photo. These nooby muscle gains are awesome


I’m beginning to think my goal is to get back to my “before” photo from last year.


What’s the date for pics to go up ?


Bold strategy Cotton.

I am the heaviest I’ve been ever.

Gunna rub some crisco on this belly for my before shot.


Pfft, you call that bold? I’m coming in heavier than I’ve ever been and running Building the Monolith for the first six weeks of the year.

If one goes from “high body fat” to “morbidly obese” that’s still a transformation.


Man, I’m just trying to not be a fatty fat fat for the first time in a decade…


My plan is to be conditioned as hell, both in terms of explosive conditioning work and longer cardio. I would love to do a triathlon or God willing a half ironman while still looking somewhat jacked. We’ll see.


My plan is to take my before photo as soon as I can waddle to the mirror on Christmas day, right after eating my bodyweight in turkey. Guaranteed winner.


More cookies have been made at usmc’s house so there goes being leaner before the 1st…




As close to Jan 1 as humanly possible.


Aaawwww Yeah Baby!! I’m in!


Might give this a go myself… Could give me the focus and drive I need to push on.


Do we just submit them in this thread?


Where do we submit the pictures?


I am pretty sure you post them on this thread.


Do we need full body pics or including legs or just in shorts?


A quote from the rules…

Progress Pics - The only mandatory pic is a “front relaxed” with arms at your sides, wearing a beach outfit (shirtless in shorts for the guys, two piece outfit or shorts and sports bra for the ladies). That’s the only pose that will be voted on. If you want to include additional pics to showcase your physique, no problem, but only the front relaxed will be considered official in terms of judging “before and after progress.”


Yeah but do the shorts have to be pulled up to reveal the legs?