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Official 2019 T-ransformation Announcement Thread




I received a gift card, albeit I received it about 2 weeks ago from last years competition. The prize was not advertised at the start of the contest other than a hint that a prize may be awarded. I see your point though, details prior to the start may encourage participation.


I liked where they took a few forum members who actually lift weights and did training videos with them. That was really cool, although I doubt it sold enough supplements to justify the costs.


I preferred the idea of it just being friendly group accountability with a hint of competition. I’d be inclined not to participate this year if it is moving into a public recognition, built in incentive type approach.


I didn’t realise there was a prize anyway haha, plus biotest don’t ship to Australia I don’t think :thinking:


Maybe they would for a winner !!!


I’ll throw my hat in the ring. Coming off of a 31year dirty bulk so there’s plenty of work for me to do.


I’m in.

With no real expectations of a win, or anything other than advice, support and accountability.


Goddamn dude, welcome back.


Cheers man, been a long time away from the site. I think I’ve still read every mythical strength post this year though, that’s got to add at least 10lbs per lift, right?


Especially if you printed them out and lifted them, haha.


International shipping gets very tricky with customs fees, import taxes, and other stuff beyond their control that jacks up the end cost, but I believe they do technically ship worldwide.

About the prize stuff, to be fair, it is covered somewhere in the opening monster-length post:

The last two years, Biotest has kicked in gift certificates to the winners. But I do agree that it’s a better plan to keep it as a “nice if it happens, but not the main point”-thing. Like, BB.com has a $250K challenge, but a prize that giant brings a whole bunch of drama along with it, like more standardized categories (men/women, age or experience, caring about natty/not, etc.) and more in-depth verification for pics.

I think the general focus of “a bunch of us are just gonna try to kick ass and let’s see what happens” is a better approach.


There have always been some posts about it, mostly on Twitter, during the actual challenge.

There are totally no posts about it, especially on Twitter, during the actual challenge.


I think my printer would get sick of the sight of bosu bob


Hope that didn’t sound like I was bitching Chris, I totally get the whole import/export thing dw. The reward of feeling and looking better is what I’m about. I appreciate you championing this thing for all of us


Think I’m going to bulk up to fuck for that Jan 1 before pic…

Power my way through the selection boxes I get at Chrimbo.


My girlfriend never appreciates it when I do that.


Well, my pre-contest prep is on point. A ten day trip visiting friends in Singapore who have created a minute by minute itinerary taking in all of their favour hawker stalls, restaurants and cafes. Followed by 4 days in Bangkok that will focus on street food, restaurants with a couple of temple trips. Can’t see how I won’t come back ready to cut.


I’m coming in lean (at least a lot better than last year) for my before photo. And I’ll still beat y’all :kissing_closed_eyes: trash talking is both accepted and expected.


I’m at the lightest and leanest I’ve been in a decade, which really isn’t saying much, but whatevs…


I’m quite a bit leaner than I have ever finished this contest. Next year, the voting may unanimous :wink: