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Official 2019 T-ransformation Announcement Thread



Go to the top of your log, edit the name and you’ll see a little pop down menu just below the name where you can add the tag, has a little plus symbol on the right hand side
Type in “t-ransformation2019” and add it


Okay… I always knew the power of a “target date” diet, where you could suffer anything as long as you knew there was an end point… But wow, this whole “target start date” stuff is making me eat like an asshole.

I have entered, along with this contest, a “biggest loser” contest at work and the prize pool is up to like $1,250 so if I can take that pot that will be very nice. So I’m in nooooo rush to lose ANY weight before Jan 1, and in fact am looking to pack on a little in order to shed it off and come in first easily at work. I havent eaten this shitty in YEARS, im talking like cookies, See’s candies, ice cream, etc … I’m literally eating every piece of shit food that crosses my path and by God I can see why people do it. Couple that with “Hell, if this sets me up to lose more weight for the contest this slice of pizza may be worth $1,250…” and its a bad scenario.

I’m sure come Jan 1 I’ll be happy to be dieting, but for now its pretty nice to eat like an asshole.


Yeah while on the topic of front relaxed posed. Remember people can tell when you are doing the “push stomach out” and other tactics to make it look worse.

I plan on flexing my bulk belly like a confident fat girl in a tube top.

Not trying to sell cell tech to teens in 2001 here, actually want to see how I progress in the same pose and lighting for myself.


I mastered that technique. Only I’m doing it with body fat lmao.


I’m eating like a pig too. My abs are already gone!


Dude you know damn well it doesn’t work like that. It’s like putting a ton of shit on your credit card. Once you start paying it off you still have to pay back every dollar.

Let the record show I am eating red velvet oroes inbetween sets while I type this.


I’m in. Have my first men’s physique show in April so this should add some extra motivation.


Luckily for me I have a shit ton of money (in this case, will power and dieting know how) sitting around when that credit card bill comes.

I am not sure what others are planning, but I’ll fucking go nuts for a few weeks diet wise for $1,000. The first 4 weeks will be a walk in the park, the next 4 will be “belt tightening time” and then depending on how everyone else is doing, I’ll go sick with last 4 weeks. Velocity diet style or whatever.


Yeah, like Samul said, ideally they’d be more legit-relaxed and not “basically front lat spread”-relaxed. Double-check the pics from last year and the year before.

And like Waittz said, shenanigans like a post-Chinese buffet “before pic” aren’t really cool.


Well I’m in once again, with the hopes that maybe this time I’ll make changes you can actually see, lol.

Also, I like that the powerlifting challenge thing occurs at the same time we start this. TNation is really filling up my schedule!


Is everyone who competed last year automatically in Most Improved or do we have to put our name forward? I’m in for both obv.


I’m in. 2018 was a ball buster for me between work and that absolute bitch, Florence. Time to get organized and have something to work towards.


AWESOME! Looking forward to seeing everyone’s logs and progress!


Basically, whoever did complete 2018 and does complete 2019 is up for it.


Perhaps you could consult on diet advise!


Always happy to help!


I love that Chris champions this every year, but wouldn’t it be great if Biotest offered some type of package-prize to the winners and acknowledged them in some way?



They do that don’t they?


I didn’t keep up with the last threads but figured it’d be cool to see them mentioned on social media or something besides the thread (correct me if I’m wrong, again I didn’t keep up with last ones)



I don’t know about the recognition part but @brady888 won this last year.