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Official 2019 T-ransformation Announcement Thread



I think there’s a tremendous difference in the two photos. Your love handles are way smaller and you look tighter pretty icy everywhere. That’s great progress for eight weeks!


Thanks buddy, I know I should keep doing what I’m doing for another couple of years but so tempted to get really lean and see what I’ve really added over the past 2 years, your prep log has really not helped matters!


Are you crazy? Reading about his misery just reinforces my commitment to never drop below 10% body fat.


I’ve been eating close to 4000 cals daily for nearly 2 years… the thought of not force feeding myself is rather appealing!

I would probably get much leaner than I am now (prob not stage lean) without ever dropping below 3000cal, I probably wouldn’t need to suffer quite so much lol


Me too. Reading jacks log has made it abundantly clear that I will never look like that.


@dagill2 @JMaier31 @kd13
Haha! Sounds like I’ve been being a whiny :baby:! It’s been tough for sure, but I’ve learned a lot about myself along the way. I’ve learned that the power to fail or to succeed is totally in your mind. I’ve communicated more openly with my wife, been more vulnerable, been more willing to ask for help, prayed more and asked God for strength and determination, and learned to be quick to apologize.

I wouldn’t want to live like this year round but have thoroughly “enjoyed” the learning process!


You haven’t necessarily been whining, but those pics of your food for the day are depressing.


Absolutely not whiny, I think you’ve been admirably positive. However reading your log has made me question whether I care enough about physique and training to submit myself to that level of dedication, and the answer for me, with my priorities, is no. I personally don’t care enough about being stage ready to get stage ready.


This. Abs and guns and V-Taper, worth the “effort” for me.

5% body fat with a 20+ week cut with no cheat meals and tanning/shaving/water manipulation. That’s too much like a job.


It’s fun to pretend I’m close enough to make this decision though.


I posted an update in my log linked below.

SUMMARY: -0.8lbs, eating at maintenance, higher volume of assistance work, still prioritizing strength at the moment.


Looking damn good sleepy. Love that thicness. I know it’s not aligned to your goals right now but it would be interesting to see what you look like under 10% fat.


I plan on getting back to that point eventually! I liked how I looked and felt when I did get near that 10% mark. The 2017 T-ransformation was definitely the leanest I have ever been in my life (which isn’t that lean for a lot of people). Someday…


That’s a fine-looking cat.


You look seriously jacked in those shots. You are definitely built for this lifting heavy shit thing that we do. Lots of consistent work went into looking like that and I rekon you are bigger now it’s just hiding under a little fluff.


Got a couple of update pics that I decided to take while changing out of my work shirt. Upper body only, not pumped at all, just to get an idea of progress in the last 2.5 months.

1/1/19 for comparison

Still sporting too much gut, but it’s better than it was at the first of the year.


Got my labs back. Cholesterol was 162. Chickens ok for me!


Man. You lost 5 lbs in your face alone. Well done


Birthday physique update for the challenge

Favorable angle and light, but still I quite like it


I’m gonna be the first one to submit my after pics. I know it’s way early, but I’ve peaked as far as leanness goes. I’m gonna be at maintenance for a bit and then try to put on some mass. Who knows. Maybe I’ll submit a cut and a bulk lol. Probably not enough time for that. I started around 183 in early December but was down to 173.4 in my before picture below.

I continued cutting for my competition and stage weight was right around 155. I think I lost a little muscle mass and my best look was a week earlier at 160. Still vascular as hell but had a little more fullness. Here are my two after shots that I feel the best about.

I’ll still be hanging around, but my focus won’t be on cutting anymore. Hope everyone is continuing to make progress in their cuts and gains!