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Official 2019 T-ransformation Announcement Thread



@ChongLordUno congrats again! We’ve talked on here, so you know I’m pumped for you.

I’m more or less with @JMaier31, but I do think it’s fair to say your training will change. What I notice for me (after my wife pointed it out, repeatedly) is that I’m better to everyone else if I get my physical energy out. As you know from our training log chats, though, it doesn’t matter what. If running and KBs does it for you - go for it!


@JMaier31 @TrainForPain

Cheers lads.

A good few reasons to be fair.

  1. It’s my first child so I don’t want to miss anything. I’m 40 years old and I’ve left it a little late :joy:

  2. My missus doesn’t train at all so she couldn’t give a rats ass with regards to my own regime. As like most women, she’s demanding as fuck as well :man_facepalming:

  3. I am borderline neurotic with lifting, especially the routine element. If I don’t train, I get restless. I need to knock that shit in the head and prioritise. If i don’t, it will be chaos in my house…

  4. Her maternity pays hits the ‘statutory’ phase 3 months in so she’s down to minimal finance. I’ll have to fill in so I’m going to have to work like a dog. Overtime, more PT, classes etc.

In my head, I’ve worked out a regime that I can do at home. KB work, running and hopefully ring chins, granted I can get some chin up device.

Hopefully a tighter budget will rein in my eating habits as well as they have gone to shit lately.

We shall see in due course


I think people underestimate the value of bodyweight exercises and the like. Just using your muscles on a regular basis should keep what you have in terms of muscle mass (as long as you can afford to eat enough calories). You won’t grow, but some KB swings, pull ups, push ups and such should be enough for maintenance.

Join me in the fight to redefine dad bod!!! We don’t have to be pear shaped weaklings!!!


No reason you can’t also grow if you progress and do them in a manner that loads the muscles well.

Add to the mix some cheap weights and a bar and a set of bands. The possibilities are then endless, well almost. Lol.

@ChongLordUno congratulations! I agree with the others that you should be able to find the time to get something in and still progress, just need to plan and be smart about it. I’m also 100% of the opinion that if it becomes a choice at any point then choose family time!

I quit attending the gym but brought some cheap equipment for home. Cuts down on travelling time and can train whenever I get a quick 30 minutes when ever that may be, nap times, evening when they are in bed or first thing in the morning. I can say without a doubt that this past 18 months training from home with minimal equipment has been more productive than the previous 3ish years ploughing away in the gym.


@ChongLordUno I think you’ve got a plan, man.

Being a father and husband is first priority, and you’re nailing it! Not forgetting about yourself helps goal #1, and you’ve got a plan there, too.

Keep us posted - you’re in the final countdown!


Haha, too kind!


What do you charge?


Congratulations - that’s incredibly exciting news.

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Cheers lads! Appreciate the advice :+1:


I’m in! 40 years old and getting married in Vegas in February. I’ll likely continue a semi-clean bulk until April or so.


I’m in. I was disappointed with how I did last year and I need to lose some weight.


Don’t know what the plan is for this year, but Biotest sent a fun prize for winning 2018…thanks!


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How do I change me current training log to be 2019 transformation. ???