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Official 2019 T-ransformation Announcement Thread



I vote we disqualify him


Check out “25 ways to eat well on the go.” on Precision Nutrition and remember that calisthenics can be a hell of a workout!


Lol maybe we should have a Southern Hemisphere category. Wait a minute!! you have me covered for that day also. Lol
If I banned anyone who will look better than me. It won’t leave me many competitors !!


Always suspected* @Yogi1 was mad about cocks.



Yes, but isn’t that a flaw in his strategy? For a “transformation”: being chubby in your before pics and less chubby in your after pics is similar to being ripped in your before pics, and more ripped in your after pics.


Says the guy who walks around all year looking like an “after” photo.


Exactly. You guys are doing it wrong.

In fact, I think I’m going to start a coaching business prepping folks for “before” pictures. I can get up social media pics establishing my credibility immediately.


Incredibile work, very inspiring!


Broke out the ol’ handheld BIA to see how fat I am. Was 10.4% in August, 15.9% yesterday.

Currently waiting in Little Caesar’s for my post workout pizza. Successful bulk is successful.


Having a very weird time this cut:

  • I am not using my “regular” diet food in an effort to eat less beef, so my usual plan is a bit off track, but generally speaking its pretty similar

  • Good weight loss in Month 1 (12), then almost none in month 2 (5, but mostly in the first 2 weeks). Total of 3 inches off the waist is nice, but its weird seeing the scale stand still for several weeks as a time.

  • I’ve been doing tons of steady state bike work while I catch up on some non-dad and non-husband shit (read: video games and time wasting videos / shows) which I’m usually known to avoid (the cardio, not my wife as kids)… so maybe I need to change that up. Who knows

Photos here, kind of hard to tell anything which is a bit disconcerting, but it is what it is. I think my back seems much more improved than my front for whatever reason.

Let me know what you guys think. Maybe I’m being too hard on myself as it’s only been 8 weeks, but I’m kinda unimpressed with myself right now (not fishing for compliments, just honesty)


Lower abs and love handles look like they’ve shrunk a bit. The scales and the tape don’t lie man. A loss is a loss is a loss.


Definitely slaughtered some love handles. Good work.


Yeah man if the tape says your waist is down then keep at it. Always hard to tell in pics but can tell love handles are smaller.

I’m still having a crisis trying to decide if I cut or not. I seem to have found a sweet spot at the minute, weight is creeping up, loads leaner than I usually am when I I get up to this weight, also looking fuller and harder, pretty happy with my current position and feel like I should keep riding this wave. Been a long slow bulk though and just really want to cut a bit, not sure what to do really!


Think you might have been right man. I gave myself some carbs over the weekend to gain traction again and am now in a better place to finish strong!


If you average it out then you’re right on track. 17 lbs in eight weeks. I’m also finding that my physique doesn’t look the way I thought it would at my current weight.

Perhaps gaining more weight than usual is having a lingering effect on us? I pushed my weight up to 250 last year and that’s the heaviest I’ve ever been. I’m not sure that was a good idea now.


Was 180 this morning. So 15 lbs down in about 9 weeks. If I was a betting man I’d say about 5 of them of water considering I was eating around 400 grams of carbs a day and now its capped at 100 a day.

After two months of the dreaded 18-15% zone, I now am seeing it. Admittedly I have been extremely lax in the gym the past 4 weeks, but work and recovery came first. Wife wants to go to a tropical place in a month for anniversary so I may be on a modified PSMF the next few weeks.

I desperately need to see my tailor, but know I will have to go back again in a month so I’m holding off.

I thought I would target 170 for the finish. I’m thinking now 165 is the real number, and one I havent hit since college. I would always start gaining again at that weight, but as an adult I have come to grips with being 5’7" and that 165 around 9-10% is actually bigger than my youthful brain would admit. It would also mean 30 lbs in 5 months, but again I’m getting ok with losing some of the size I added. Want to avoid manlet territory, not run to it.


Also, I was noticeably absent on the forum the past month, had a pretty grueling travel schedule. Just knowing I would eventually have to come back and post a final pic kept me in check. Pretty sure I hit hotel gyms more than my home gym in feb and would pack protein shakes in my suitcases.


I kind of just mentioned this in my post. I swear the first 10 lbs I looked exactly the same but lost about 1.5 inches on waist. Its all in your mind. You see yourself everyday and going from 18-20% bf to 16% doesnt look much different. Lack of extracellular fluid from reduced carbs deflate your muscles and even though you are dropping weight, you look worse or same before better, water still makes up part of your LMB and its look to your bf percentage.

Hold the coarse brother, almost to that ‘threshold of lean’.

@jackolee since I’ll most likely be going forum ghost again the next few weeks, good luck on the contest.


I’ve slowly gained weight back up to 80kg, the picture on the left was posted in my training log June 2017 at 73kg.

The picture on the right is today at 80kg

Been a long slow controlled bulk up to 80kg but I’m happy that I’ve done it without much fat gain.


Thats really solid man! 7kgcis some serious weight and your right… doesn’t look like you gained hardly any fat. Fantastic job!