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Official 2019 T-ransformation Announcement Thread



12/29 - 2/24
About 8 weeks into the cut. Now it’s tome to really suffer as carbs start getting much lower in the next three weeks before my show. I just might make it to 5% after all!


Think you might have peaked - bad timing, Hope I am wrong and you get to 5%
but you’re looking pretty ripped now.


He’s probably talking about the fact that most store-bought meat is grain-fed, which means the omega-6/omega-3 ratios are way out of whack. Beef and chicken both, if you can get free-range chicken or grass-fed beef the fats are a lot healthier, but they’re harder to come by and more pricey. Taking a good fish oil helps offset the issue, but it doesn’t completely fix it.


Amazing what 8 weeks can do. Keep going for the 5% :+1:


Great job in 8 weeks. Shredded!


I don’t think I’ve peaked. But getting close. I’m not going g to cut carbs quite as far as I had planned in the weeks to come. I can almost taste the after show cheat meal!


Will do. At 7.5 currently


@OTHSteve pretty much covered everything. Your bad cholesterol jumps up as a response to inflammation, and the fat in chicken is pro-inflammatory (whereas omega 3s like fish oil are anti-inflammatory).

Which isn’t to say that chicken is bad; there’s obviously a million other factors involved and you can be perfectly healthy eating chicken all the time. Chicken breast has very little fat in it anyway. Shame it tastes like rubbery shit.


Down quite a bit. 10-15 more.


how ironic I’m eating one now while reading this … now it tastes like rubbery shit


Haha, mate half my life is spent devoted to fucking chicken. Eating chicken, cooking chicken, putting chicken in Tupperware, eating he hicken out of the Tupperware, cleaning the Tupperware so t’s ready for more chicken…

Chicken chicken chicken all the god damn time


That’s the leanest I’ve ever seen you, man. Good going!


chicken everywhere you look


Lots of credit to Rob. He has steered me in the right direction.


I thought sheep was the Scottish stereotype…


I was excited about all this progress and now I find out I’m going out of town to work for a week. So bad food and no gym for one week. I’m gonna have withdrawals.


Well who can blame me? Stupid chickens strutting around all sexy.

They know they want it


At least you’re not fucking spiders


It says something for how fat you are when @jackolee before pic is already better than you think you will finish this transformation. #wherearemyabs


Ha! Nah, You got this bro!