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Official 2019 T-ransformation Announcement Thread



I broke the plateau. 10 or less pounds to go.


If I could butt in as a non contestant (my only goal is to get over plantar fasciitis), I think there should be different competitions for the cutters and the gainers.


Yes! I have added three inches to my waist… Winning!


I recall from a Stan Efferding video that 20g gets you 90% muscled protein synthesis (MPS) and 40g gets you the finally ten percent. I wonder what benefit there is to adding more. And I’m also curious as to why our bullshit meters a rent questioning this, I’m 160 pounds, it doesn’t make sense that 40g is required to stimulate MPS to 100% for the both me and someone with a lot more muscle mass sitting at 220 pounds.


Someone shared a video that was an interview with Dr Schoenfeld at a conference. He is kind of the leading guy on the research about hypertrophy. He said a recent study showed 40g led to more muscle gains than 20g. No one has compared 60g to 40g though and I’m not sure if anyone has compared 30g to either of those numbers.

He also said that eating protein every four hours is sufficient for protein synthesis (different study).

One thing we do know is that eating too much protein won’t hurt us (unless we have kidney problems). It’s also the toughest macro to digest so it increases energy expenditure during digestion.

Knowing these things leads me to ask myself the question of “Why not eat more protein?” instead of simply asking why.


Meat is expensive? Hehe


I stumbled into some really cheap protein powder thanks to a business that shut down. I’ve been drinking most of my protein lately.


Aha. I tend to favour whole foods as much as possible. I use powdered “nutrition” very sparingly. Whey in pre-workout oatmeal if applicable, EAAs and waxy maize intra-workout. I’ll add whey to the intra-workout mix if I’m doing a 3h+ climbing session.


Like you said, meat is expensive (at least the good stuff). I have no problem eating beef and pork because I can get products that are raised locally. Chicken is a different story. I don’t like the way the US mass produces meats - the horrible treatment of animals. I try not to support it but it’s about impossible when it comes to chicken. I try to limit my chicken consumption but it’s the best choice when calories are restricted.

I also had a spike in my cholesterol a couple years ago and I was able to blame my chicken consumption. I increased the amount of chicken breasts that I ate each week and it went up. I cut the chicken out and it went back down. I can get away with eating 4-6 lbs a week but I doubled that for a while and the results spoke for themselves.


I thought we were on the train that cholesterol is good now?


I’m not afraid to eat it, but I still follow the recommended blood levels. I’m normally around 170 but in 2017 it jumped to 220. I eliminated the chicken and six months later I was back down to 170. The strange thing is that chicken doesn’t really have a lot of cholesterol. My doctor also told me that your diet can only have about a 10% effect on your blood cholesterol. But with all of that information I still managed to defy the odds and move my cholesterol up and down with diet.


Strange. I just eat whole chicken nowadays. Chicken breast is so boring and whole chicken is cheaper.


Eating cholesterol doesn’t make much difference to your blood levels but eating shitty fats like those found in chicken will cause inflammation and that jacks your cholesterol up


Whoa. I thought my chicken intake (before I went vegan) was good, That might explain my 220 cholesterol.


I have bloodwork in a few weeks and I’m eating a ton of chicken breast currently. I’ll be interested to see where I land. I believe last time it was a put 180


Hopefully my experience was just a fluke. For reference, I went from eating 4-6 lbs of chicken breasts per week to 10-12 lbs very 8-10 days. I was also eating 18 eggs Monday - Wednesday most weeks (egg sandwiches on my days off from work).


December 27th - today. A little progress I think? The lighting is a little different.
197lbs - 211lbs this morning. Was floating around 216, not sure what happened.


@Yogi1 can you elaborate on this?


256 here with a diet very high in animal fat.

And an HDL of 86, since I am the worst X-men character ever.


Are you saying that mass produced chicken isn’t wholesome and natural??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: