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Official 2019 T-ransformation Announcement Thread



I’ve basically been coasting until today. My wife really started the tax season grind today so I’ll really start my efforts today.


My weight is still climbing, so I’m still on track for now


My weight loss was slowing after an initial solid drop the first half of January when I cut out garbage food and went to the gym again. For some reason it kick-started again during my 5-day trip to Texas over the weekend. Last week’s average was 194.7#, which was a .5# drop from the previous week’s average, but my weigh-in this morning was 191.4#.

Edit: I need to take some pictures and get some unbiased opinions. I look in the mirror and I don’t see myself looking leaner, just smaller. I think that may be my body dysmorphia messing with me, though.


Still on track here. 166.2 this morning. Progress is SLOW at this point in the game


Steady progress so far. Currently at 83.2kg down from 89.1 starting weight. Chins and Dips are getting easier😎


Great strength progress.Maintaining weight right now at 180lbs. Gonna try to put on some extra muscle. No plan on any dieting though.


I’m not going to lie and say I haven’t gain any fat since the start of the challenge but it’s not too bad, bloated and a little softer but weights going up and getting stronger so achieving what I set out to do for the first few months.


You on a clean bulk ?


My weight has been steady (down ~2lbs from the beginning) but my training style has changed quite a bit. I’ve moved from 5/3/1 to Conjugate. A lot more focus on assistance/accessory work. I think the mirror is showing a little bit of muscle gains (extremely subjective…no measurements taken), and hoping to see some strength improvements by the end (strength goals have been prioritized over fat loss during this phase of training).

I know we will be seeing a lot more impressive results than what I’m bringing to the table, but I’ve been consistent and will hopefully have some sort of transformation to show for it. I have a coach for my programming right now and have been working out in a small private gym which has added a new element to training for me (vs solo home workouts).


Down a few pounds, nothing drastic. Wife comments this morning after I put on a polo for work: “you are the squarest looking person I’ve ever seen. Your torso is just this big square block set on top of your hips, no taper…”

Ouch. That truth stings a bit. Time to cut more serious. Anybody have some spare clenbuterol? Haha.


I’m down 7lbs since Jan 1. I’ve got 10-15 to go. Morning cardio followed by night lifting and cardio 4 days a week. Also, surviving my nutrition plan. The plan is working, with fairly minimal suffering.


Not massively clean but I have taken a bit more of a slow and steady prolonged approach. Maintaining weight for a while and then bumping up after a few weeks of the scale not moving. Doing it the way I’ve been doing it I’ve found that I will hit a scale weight say 76kg eating 3500cal and stall out, but instead of increasing cals to move the scale weight I just maintain that weight for a few weeks maybe even a month, during those weeks the scale doesn’t go up but I appear to get leaner. Then I will bump the cals by a few hundred to see the scale weight increase again.

It’s a bit freestyled but it’s working okay.


Added in morning cardio this week after falling out of the habit.

30 minutes on the bike, aiming for 4 days/week.


I think that deep down, you’re built to be a mass monster. Wide shouldered, big ribcage, repping out with 405, squat and dead in the 6’s.

(not meant to be a criticism at all)



Heres a comparison from the beginning to a few weeks ago (having a kid and pregnant wife makes these things take a while). My weight still is doing wonky shit, some days I’ll get on the scale and its maintaining in the low 190’s, then one day it will drop to 188 or 187, then the next day its back to 191.

Leg cuts are coming in and waist measurement is dropping so I know the fat loss is going on… but given that my other contest is weight loss based its kind of frustrating. Maybe I just need to take a 9 pound dump or something


That’s the end goal. I refuse to go over a 38 inch waste anymore though. If I eat ad libitum and lift regularly the weight and strength pile on with no problem. But I stay the same shape the entire time. I’m stealing this phrase, but I become a larger version of my unaesthetic self.

Going to try to cut down to a 32 inch waist that I haven’t had since HS and stay there for several months… see if there’s something to this set point stuff. Also going to see what all this big volume hype (30 sets/week) is about on top of cardio.


Not really a betting man, but I bet that would kick ass.


down 10 lbs. Only lifting maybe 1-2 a week though, work travel schedule a bit crazy and been trying to let my elbow and back heal up. Haven’t broken the ‘threshold of lean’ yet so I just feel like a smaller version of my bulked up self, that and lower carbs is a fun mind fuck.


Weight is up on the scale and the bar! My first 4 plate lift!


I’m up a little after a short holiday as expected.

Shaved my beard down to a #1 though so hopefully looking at my fat round face in the mirror every day will motivate me.