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Official 2019 T-ransformation Announcement Thread



I use a 6 hour window, normally 6 to midnight on Saturday night to eat whatever I want. Not going crazy, maybe a Chinese or pizza with some ice cream after. Rest of the time it’s diet mode. Normally by midweek it feels like Christmas is approaching lol




There seems to be some anecdotal evidence on the inter web that 90/10 is a good way to go. It also suggests that having a cheat meal (not cheat day) may help with resetting hormones and actually help. I wonder if this was just written by those who just want to eat pizza or if it works.


How about a cheat week…


I once had a couple of cheat decades. It was probably a bit much.


I TRY not to cheat until I get down to near my goal weight. One cheat meal a week, depending how bad, could sabotage most of the progress for the week. Not necessarily gaining weight, but certainly not losing any. But once I am down near goal weight one cheat meal or even a couple will just keep me at maintenance for the week, which is acceptable given I get to splurge while still being in the shape I want to be in.


I had a cheat decade when I moved to Australia and it’s taken me years to recover !! I wouldn’t recommend this.


That was basically my 20s. Went from 155 to 230 at my worst. I’m sitting at about 195 right now.


My new approach this year has been to plan no cheats but allow myself ~100 calories a day of whatever. That means that if I’m feeding my kids something good, or I see some chocolate in the fridge or whatever, I can take a bite or two without being an issue. But I never plan to use those calories.


Dang y’all are serious. If I were competing I would not have cheat meals but as a weekend warrior I very much enjoy the occasional patty melt from Whataburger or having beers with the wifey. Lately I’ve been in to making wings in the air fryer. I’ll be damned if they aren’t as good as buffalo wild wings. Even during football playoffs and my bachelor weekend I was able to cut 8 lbs in January.


I’ve been drinking two to three beers several nights a week and still losing weight. It will be a bigger factor in about 10 lbs but for now I don’t think it makes a noticeable difference. I think it could make me look worse once I’m lean enough to have a six pack all day (bloated, holding stubborn fat in the stomach), but I’m not there yet.


I had the WORST lunch I’ve almost ever had and came home and set a couple PR’s lol so maybe you’re right!


183-234. But my 20’s aren’t over dammit! I have 2 months left to salvage this! April 14th is my birthday.


I plan a controlled refeed day once ever 14 days or so. Basically as your cutting your glycogen levels are in depleated mode a lot and your body goes into starvation mode. Your metabolism slows to a halt, your leptin levels decline which causes lots of cravings and hunger, and your cortisol levels increase from the added stress on your system. It can be really hard to make progress in this state.

On a controlled refeed day I take my protein down to 1 gram per lb of weight. Double my carb intake and keep fat as low as possible. This “shock” to the system can help fill glycogen stores, reset leptin and cortisol levels, and boost performance on a heavy lifting day. I usually try to sync it up with a leg day.

As for cheat days I give myself one when I’m no longer in a good place mentally. When I’m hitting the wall hard and motivation isn’t strong I’ll have a dinner out and some cocktails with the wife. I’ve done this twice so far this year.


I’ve never done a disciplined cut so I’ve never done a refeed. In the past I allowed myself to have weekly cheat meals and I went all in. I finally learned that I was such a fat shit on my cheat that it took me all week to recover.

This time around I’m more committed. I’m not being super strict because I allow myself some alcohol (wine tonight), but I tend to restrict myself with the food…probably too much.

This week I feel like I should’ve seen some new numbers on the scale but no luck. I also find myself hungry most of the day. Perhaps it’s time for a carb fest…probably not, but I’d like to think I need a good cheat meal.


I’ve got a year and a few days left for my 20s. My weight has gone 220>245>275>205>240>210 in the last six years of being married. Ha. Hoping for 195 by June 1.


Update on transformation. Going ok so far.


What’s going on guys? It’s all gone very quiet in here ?!!


Still slinging small weight. Giant love handles and tits have gotten slightly bigger. #progress haha


I’ve stalled and have nothing to say.