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Official 2019 T-ransformation Announcement Thread



If you’re obese then I guess I am too. Lol I weigh EXACTLY the same amount as you do.




On inhalation, my left nostril closes completely and my right partially closed. Apparently I’ve been dealing with this for a while, people complain about how loud my breathing is (through my nose) when I zone out. A few blows to the nose exasperated the issue, though. As soon as my heart rate goes up, the ol’ sniffer gets useless :slightly_frowning_face:


My wife and I argue about this all the time. When she gets in that zoned out or sleep mode her nose turns into a damn whistling wind tunnel. OMG it’s so annoying lol


I 100% don’t notice. I’ve been asked “Are you okay?” So many times. I ask why, I’m told I’m breathing hard, I deny breathing hard. Took me till recently to actually recognize it as my fault. I get oddly defensive when someone assumes something is wrong with me physically in an area that I assume is fine.


I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s your fault. You can’t help it. That’s what we argue about. She gets mad that it annoys me. I say I can find it terribly annoying and still acknowledge that she can’t help it.


Not my best choice of words. I mostly just meant that I stopped assuming that other people were being oversensitive and recognize that I was breathing loudly, even if I didn’t hear or notice.


16 weeks til June 1st. I guess I’m right on schedule to reach my goal by losing a pound a week.


I need to get my arse in gear. 16 weeks comes along fast.


I’m probably going to cut the cut short and finish at the end of March. This is mostly because that’s when my mum and dad arrive from overseas to visit for a month. I expect my level of eating out and drinking to increase in this period. That only gives me 7 weeks, so need to really eat my arse into gear.


I’m still undecided on when my final will be. March 16th is my competition, but I might do another one in April. Guess it depends on how I do. Then it will either be maintain and relax for a bit or go right into another push for growth. Something that allows for enchiladas on occasion for sure though!


Now you’re talking my language




I only gained 3 lbs in Vegas (pizza at 2 or 3 am every night. Two buffets. Drinking all day and night) so I’ll consider that a win. I started Doggcrapp training last night and will be eating more to compensate. Current weight 197 down from 202 starting weight.


I had no real intention of cutting at any point during this challenge but…

We booked a family holiday at the start of April so thought maybe I will do a little mini cut for a few weeks before and look a bit leaner at the beach. Then…

My friends stag destination got announced for may and it will involve sunshine and the beach. Now I’m thinking full blown 10 week cut mode. What the fuck is wrong with me. I could loose 10lb of muscle and gain 20lb of fat and still be in the best shape of our social group yet here I am thinking about stepping on the beach with them as if I’m ready for a men’s physique show! What a Bell end.


Can’t change who you are man. You know you love to be RIPPED.


I had the exact same issue - I was convinced I would go on a bulk for the first part of the year and then, after deciding to attend a mate’s stag in Newcastle next week (i.e. zero chance I’ll be in anything less than thermals) I have been on a cut for two weeks to ensure I look in decent nick when we all meet up. No logic.


Question to all my fellow transformers (that makes us sound like cool 1980’s cartoon characters…quality)
When you are cutting do you include cheat meals in your diet ? If so how often and how do you program them in ?


My cheat meal is programmed in for June 1st.


I don’t have any planned cheats scheduled. I have unplanned cheat meals or bad days. That’s plenty. And I try to compensate accordingly - usually by starving myself before or after said cheat meal.

Example: the Super Bowl. I knew I was going to the wing place and I was going to enjoy at least two plates of their wings. I barely ate leading up to dinner, had three plates of wings dipped in ranch and the scale was only up 0.2 lbs the next morning.

If the scale had been high then I would’ve probably fasted the following day.