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Official 2019 T-ransformation Announcement Thread



Somehow I made a weight jump from 80lbs when I was 9yrs to 130lbs when I was 10yrs.


I remember 5th grade I was 112 and 120 was the cut-off to carry the football. It was a coin flip every week if I was under or not with pads on.


Freshman for me but I was only 98 lol




Where’d were you guys when you graduated high school? I was about 125


I graduated at about 180.


Im at 180 hoping to graduate at a lean 200. 2.5 more years to go. Highschool sucks.


I was around 235.


HAH. I weighed 97 pounds on my 9th grade physical.


I was around 9 stone, so 125lbs leaving school


9 stone sounds way more bad ass than 125 lbs. from now on I’m saying that I weigh 12 stone!



I was 10 stone (140lb) at age 16 and remember my brother in law being 12 and a half stone (175lb). I really wanted to be that heavy. Funny thing is 28 years later as I drop weight for this transformation I will likely end up at 12 and a half stone. :joy:


Bout 185 or so


I graduated at 120#. I’m literally almost twice the man I was…


Down to 175 after a decent sweat, 180-182 first thing in the morning. Cardio is getting easier to tolerate, I’ve been figuring out how to breathe out of my mouth without it making me feel miserable. Sounds stupid, but I think trying to force breathing through my squished nose exclusively keeps my heart rate too high and I wuss out too quickly. A lot of my avoidance of cardio seems to be anxiety/mentally based rather than actual physical complications. “Its all in your head” is finally starting to click a bit :sweat_smile:


I know it’s in my head but I still can’t push myself while running anything other than a sprint.

I can’t zone out. I can’t enjoy it. I just hate it! I feel every miserable step and breath.


I’m the same way. If you have time to walk, try the barbell strategy (a financial term, don’t you love that):


Oh, I’m not running. I will avoid running as thoroughly and totally as possible. I’ll skip it regardless of peer pressure, convenience, or really anything.
Tyron Woodley has the only relatable attitude I’ve ever heard about running. The rumor is the only reason he runs in a training camp is to increase his hate of his opponent because his opponent “made him run”


I’d like to think I still do enough conditioning for overall health - I just can’t run an eight minute mile anymore.

:laughing: that’s one way to look at it. I’ll probably just stick with basketball.