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Official 2019 T-ransformation Announcement Thread



Haha that happens to me quite a lot. I like to pretend that I’m like Eddie Hall and have such huge, powerful core musculature that it shows through even at 20-25% body fat. My sub 3-plate squat says otherwise, but a man can dream.

Speaking of BF% though, I’m down a couple of inches around my not-inconsiderable waist and down ~3lbs on the scale since 7/1 which I’ll take.


Just keep moving the lighting until you like the look. Instant gains.


Down 3.4lbs in January.

Just started on with a coach (programming, not diet) for 4 days per week. We are going to be doing a conjugate style programming, so let’s see what this new training stimulus can bring. Hoping for a 700lb deadlift and a solution to my cute little bench press.


Down about 12lbs in January. Shooting for about 20 more…


Damn! When I wrestled and did jiu jitsu my weight class was 138… lbs not kilo. Hahahaha! Love it when the waist measurement goes down. Great job man


What constitutes a cute little bench press? I’m sure it’s still a pretty impressive number


Well I guess it is all relative! Last meet was 347lbs. Considered “intermediate” at best, while my other lifts are considered to be in the more “elite” territory.

Based on charts like this found online, not my opinion of my lifts lol Just for clarification.


My friends just started a diet challenge so now I’m in my one from work that ends April 1, my friends one ends May 1, and this one ends June 1

I initially wasn’t going to go crazy this year but the other two contests I’m in could be worth $1,500 total if I win those so what the heck… goal is now 167 down from 207. My kid is born early May so after that it’s probably not going to be a great time to prioritize my hobbies so that will hopefully set the stage for a year of being lax.


What’s your height/weight?

Maple Syrup Strength (littlesleeper)

Yeah I’ve never trained for powerlifting before. Done the occasional 1RM but that’s about it. My squat and DL would be in the class 2 or 3, but I’d be somewhere between Master and Elite on my bench lol.




Finally obese!




That was my weight at the start of 10th grade.


I was 130lbs back then, just a manlet so it fills me out pretty nicely


That’s my final and done goal weight for a lean hard physique. Still a couple of years out I think…


I’m 179 @ 6’1".

At 55, guess I am not full grown yet.

Okay with that.


I wrestled at 103 in 10th grade :joy:


I weighed 98 in ninth grade,


5th grade. My goodness…