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Official 2019 T-ransformation Announcement Thread



Damn, wait until you find out that some people don’t even have kids to deal with.


I’ve never enjoyed having one drink. Guess it’s all or nothing for me. Lol


Just wait till the teenage years… wow saying that made me feel old! Ours don’t come out till 1pm on Saturdays. In a strange way I miss when they were like 3 and 5. They actually wanted to hang out with us then


I’m looking forward to when they’re old enough to do family movie nights so much.


I’m in Grapevine =)


One of several cheat meals for my bachelor party weekend. Somehow I managed to only gain two pounds.


I used to be like that. It was shit faced puking by the end of the night or completely sober. I rarely drink now and on the rare occasion that I do, I’ll have a glass or two of wine or a little Bourbon. By rare I mean every 3-4 months…


We’ve just started this with our 3-year-old. Aladdin has been a hit at our house. Moana and cars too.


I don’t know what that is but I know I’d eat it.


Never been one to take it to the puking extreme… think it’s more of a social outlet for me on occasion. I’m pretty introverted so a few cocktails makes time out with other couples or groups a little easier. One just makes me want my pajamas


Wow super close!


Food for today minus breakfast and shakes

Pulled chicken, brown rice, broccoli
Spicy pulled chicken, brown rice and broccoli
Garlic lime shrimp, brown rice, and broccoli
Pulled chicken, red potatoes, green beans
Lean briscut, green beans


@jackolee @davidtower we’re filming a promo video for metroflex plano this saturday morning if you guys wanna come lift logs and shit, and be filmed doing it :slight_smile:


I wish! I’ll be in Arlington. My trampoline team has a competition at the convention center from 8-4. Thanks though.




yep. that’s what I meant.


Yeah my girls liked those. Now it’s all about Marvel. I can deal with that much better!


Marvel and Jurrasic Park here. Little guy was obsessed with Dinos so I let him watch it .


Fixed that for me.


Me and the other half have a blanket ban on watching Disney without the other. We both want to be there when they first experience the joy of the Lion King.