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Official 2019 T-ransformation Announcement Thread



Keep your log. You can edit it and select T-ransformation Challenge 2018 as a tag.



Hoping for most improved next year. Definitely on the right track right now.


That’s the gist of it. I plan on Something like CTs best damn workout and hopefully I can hit it 4 days a week, and I can only do 3 days a week some weeks I’ll just add a set. But I think it should be doable.

For 3 days a week I like a full body program, or something that doesn’t leave my legs sore for 5 days to where I can’t play with a 3 year old without grimacing.


Im not sure if this is supposed to be how shredded you get or how much muscle you can pack on?


Either, it’s a “biggest transformation” type thing, so whatever you feel like you can do in 5 months to make your physique look the most improved do that… having said that, for 99% of people that’s probably fat loss.


I’m in! I only joined recently but this seems like a great opportuntity to set some accountable goals.


Could go for growing the biggest belly category Mark.


I’m in this year.


Don’t tempt me :rofl:


I’m coming for that most improved category :fire:


Im gonna have a go at this even though I dont expect to win,im just gonna bulk for 6 months and hopefully look better.


I think it’s a tricky precedent to set, since the “main” idea was the Jan-June change, but since we just added the year-to-year section last… um… year, it’s still a work in progress.

I’d say sure, toss up that power belly this June and then let’s see abs and a 500-lb squat the year after.


Like Maier said, you should be able to tag your current log. Click edit in your thread’s first post and it should be there.

Just post it in this thread by end of day Jan 1.

Yeah, like Lonnie said, it’s transformation. So whatever makes the most significant (and beneficial) change. That’s most often fat loss, but if you go from 175 to 195, that’d be a pretty big difference.

For sure that’s a huge and underappreciated reason to do the thing. Public accountability has a way of persuading you against cheeseburger breakfasts.


Congrats, man!


I’m in. Now is a pretty good time to take advantage of CT’s Black Friday sales lol


I’m in!


Go for it. The top two I remember from last year gained muscle vs. losing guts. @steigs gained muscle and got leaner and was already lean, but I think he’s a robot.


I looked at his profile and realized the chances of me getting even close to winning are low.


I don’t know if I can fully commit to this.

My missus is due to give birth in January. I plan to spend the first year focusing purely on her and the baby, I’m cancelling my gym membership and will likely take a hiatus from lifting.

I’ll likely get some running done along with KB work whenever I can get the time. Not conducive to physique goals however hopefully keep the fat off. This on top of the spin classes that I teach.

I’ll probably hit June looking like a AIDS ridden male escort


First, congrats on the new addition!

Why are you giving up on training? Does your wife like to train in any way or have any hobbies?

When my wife and I had our first kiddo we made it a point to train. I’d stay home and take care of our daughter while my wife went and ran or did whatever she needed to do. She did the same for me. We both like to train in some aspect so we made sure to give that to each other. It was good for her recovery. It was also good for our mental health.

I encourage you to consider something like that for both of you. Give your wife time to get out and do whatever she wants and take some time for yourself. It’s a good thing.

I understand you don’t intend to maintain the physique of a competitor but you don’t have to throw in the towel and regress. Just a little food for thought from someone who’s been there…twice.